Cloud Of Deceit IV

Ruqqaiya sat silently in the waiting area while Leila went about the whole business. She sighted Leila and a female clad in white probably the doctor as they walked towards her.

Leila sat next to her and held her hands. ‘She is good.’ She muttered. Ruqqaiya only nodded.

‘Come with me.’ The doctor said and Ruqqaiya followed mindlessly, they were not able to go to UK because Leila’s visa was not approved so they opted for Lagos instead.

True to Leila’s word the hospital looked grand, everything looked very professional. Even the staff acted professional, the lady did not offer any dissuasive comments or any words of comfort as she was made to change to a blue hospital gown and asked to lie down.


They were both silent on the plane back home both immersed in their thoughts. Leila was staring at a magazine while Ruqqaiya placed her face to the window.

‘What are you going to do now?’ Leila asked after folding the magazine and placing it on her laps.

‘I don’t know yet.’ Ruqqaiya answered facing her.

‘You know Sani is already married,’

‘I do.-

‘Then why did you opt out at the last moment?’

‘I just realized that I have been making bad decisions and they led me here.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I dated Sani for the wrong reasons, for what I saw rather than what I felt, I should have ended the relationship when I realized that his intentions weren’t genuine rather than try to trap him.’

‘Ruqzy I agree with everything you said but you should have gotten rid of this thing because I don’t think I can help you any longer.’

‘Meaning ?’ Ruqqaiya asked very coolly.

‘I’m getting married.’ Leila replied in a somewhat shaky voice.

‘Wait and you didn’t tell me or you think I’m too weak or fragile because I’m single and pregnant?

‘No, I’m sorry I should’ve told but …..

‘But what, to who?

‘Actually you I just clocked 30 and.,,,

‘Don’t beat around the bush just say it.’

‘Sidi makama.’

‘What!! That’s Sani’s dad.’

‘Yes and if you keep his baby and it becomes public knowledge it might jeopardize my marriage because everyone knows we are close and…..,

‘He’s older than your dad, almost like your grandpa.’

‘I know, it’s the best for me, the young ones just want to play, time is running out and he wouldn’t care if I’m able to bear kids or not, he’s already a grandpa.’

‘So its that why you wanted me to get rid of this problem ASAP.’

‘No its not just about me you too.’


Ruqqaiya’s bag hung loosely on her arm, the contents moved to one side and were threatening to fall off, she didn’t notice this. Apart from being jet lagged she was fatigued and pregnancy symptoms weighed down on her.

An unclear future lay ahead of her, of what her life would look like when the truth came out.

She had wandered away from Leila mindlessly and wasn’t even aware of it, not even when she was bumped into by someone till her bag emptied on the floor.

She bent to pack the contents when her hands clashed with a another, from the sleeve she knew it was a man.

They rose up the same time.

‘Hey.’ He said as he handed her her stuff. She was a little startled when she saw that it was Ali, Sani’s friend.

‘Hi.’ She replied trying to hide her uneasiness, so he doesn’t have stories to tell Sani.

‘Are you okay? He asked nervously, he she’d probably hate him because of what Sani did to her.

‘Yes thanks.’

‘It’s been a long time.’


‘Where are you headed?’ He asked.

Ruqqaiya thought he acted weird, she gave him a long blank look before saying. ‘Taxi area.’

‘Errmm let me drop you, I came to drop someone so… He stopped when her stare became like a weapon attacking him.

‘Thanks that won’t be necessary, I’m together with Leila.’ She talked too fast, it was then she noticed that Leila was not by her side when they both looked around and she was missing. Just then Leila surfaced.

‘Where have you been.’ Leila almost yelled, before she saw Ali and changed her tone immediately.

‘Hi.’ She muttered.

‘Leila how are you.’ He greeted back.

‘I’m good.’

‘Congratulations, I heard about your wedding to my uncle.’

‘Thanks.’ Leila mumbled and lowered her gaze, she was feeling a little ashamed.

‘Come I will drop both of you home.’



Sani’s earlier anticipation had turned into an unhealthy anxiety, he didn’t want to confront his wife lest his assumption was wrong.

Mustapha had denied flatly when he confronted him, he even said he was hallucinating. Afterwards it felt awkward to talk about it so he left the whole matter to time, if she was untouched he would know.


The morning after.

Sani paced up and down while his wife slept soundly, she was not pure he was deceived he needed to know who did it before him. He shook her violently and she sprang up.

‘What is it? She asked trying to pry her eyes open.

‘What is what?’ He asked back sarcastically, ‘I trusted you and you betrayed me.’ He yelled.

‘How did I betray you?

‘Who did you sleep with before marrying me.’

‘When did that become a prerequisite question for marriage.’

Sani was shocked at her her audacity, it was then he knew that she was no naive child.

‘I thought you were worthy, pure and chaste, chee just tell, was it Mustapha that you gave yourself to cheaply, answer me.’ Sani said dragging her by her hair, he was mad.

‘Let go of me, Remember it was you who went straight to my parent without even asking my consent, I didn’t beg you to marry me.’ His wife said trying to free herself.

‘Was it Mustapha.’ He yelled.

‘Yes.’ She lashed out.

He let go and grabbed his car keys , He needed answers from Mustapha what ever happened to the code of dont touch your brother’s girl.’



Mustapha stared at the souvenir he brought from the wedding, she was slim and enticing, he was totally spent. It was great work satisfying her.

He got up wore his boxers and went towards the kitchen, it was empty. She was only capable on bed and zero in the kitchen, he felt bad for the man that would eventually marry her. He opened the fridge and brought out a lucozade boost and drank straight from the bottle. He hadnt notice she was behind him till she wrapped her arms around him and mutterd ‘Baby.’

Hearing her voice made him spill some of the drink on himself, when he turned she was only dressed in his short T-shirt which was oversized on her, he knew nothing else was under.

‘I think I might’ve to drink from your packs.’ She said in a sexy tone and licked his chest, he closed his eyes as her hands began to work on him he thanked his stars he drank the boost else he would collapsed.

In a matter of seconds their piece of clothing was on the floor.


‘Having fun!!! An icy voice said. The lady quickly got up and covered what ever the the T-shirt could and ran to the room. Mustapha also struggled to wear his boxers.

‘Man you should knock, why interrupt such a hit session.’

A heavy unexpected punch landed on Mustapha’s face causing blood to trickle from his nose.

‘What the hell is your problem? He said slowly shocked by the violence.

‘Why didn’t you tell me you were intimate with Zahra.’

Mustapha looked at Sani, he was taller than him but he was not intimidated by his size.

‘Is that why you’re punching me?

‘Yes she’s my wife have you no shame.’ Sani said shaking his hands and head as he spoke.

‘Look man, at that time she wasnt your wife.’

‘You’re an animal.’ Sani yelled. ‘How could you sleep with such a young girl.’ He raised his hands again to punch Mustapha but he intercepted.

‘How many faces are you going to punch then, will you start going from one friend’s house to another to embarrass yourself like this.’

‘What do you mean?

Mustapha stared at Sani like he was an unclear scripture.

‘Did she tell you I was the only one?

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  1. Ha! S-a-n-i! Your own don kpeme! Serves you right. O sese bere ni o: in fact, you go soon turn referee for little madam’s matches. Congrats.

    1. I need to learn Yoruba .
      At least if he’s d referee he gets to determine who to give red or yellow card . 😊😊
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  2. Lol…I so so love how this is turning out!

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    1. My head is now swelling o, I have a fan.
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  3. *singing * what goes around comes back around, my baby. Sani cannot expect to have a pure, untouched girl after ruining so many girls. In Yoruba, nnkan to je lo yo. Well done, and as @praize said please try to edit again and again before posting.

    1. That saying is as old as time yet people don’t just consider it before wronging others.
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  4. The plot thickens. Poor Ruqqy, what a mess she’s in…not sure her best friend is a good friend at all. Interesting development all round. Saanu @ameenaedrees

    1. I feel terrible for Ruqqy too @aplusn but life isn’t always fair.
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  5. Kai! Sani has fallen into a deep well, serves him right. After tearing Ruqqaiyya’s leather, he thought he could get young and inexperienced but alas he got a universal donor. Shege!

    1. @Raykeeyah honestly you used the right word.
      He got a universal donor, tnx.

  6. Hahahahhaha….nemesis is best experienced than explained….Sani, your papa there! You got served!

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