Cloud of Deceit III

In Leila’s perspective there were two types of women in the world, her type and Ruqqaiya’s type. She was the bad one and Ruqqaiya was the good one then how could Ruqqaiya be the one to get pregnant out of wedlock, she had one boyfriend at a time unlike Leila with several at the same time.

Her grip on Ruqqaiya’s hand tightened and her glare could drill holes into her skin.

‘What did you just say?’ Her voice furthermore conveyed her shock.

‘I’m pregnant with Sani’s child.’ Ruqqaiya repeated.

‘Ruqzy, there are many things you could’ve contracted but this, I mean you could’ve contracted Herpes, Syphilis, Staphylococcus even HIV but a baby!! haba, you did not use contraceptive? Leila asked angrily trying to keep her voice down.

‘I did.’

‘Seriously you messed up, even if Sani was going to marry you, you know he can’t do so while you’re pregnant, you know how unmarried pregnant girls are treated in our society for God’s sake.’

‘Leila I didn’t plan it.’

‘Hell you didn’t, you ought to have protected yourself.’

‘Leila I need a solution right now not scolding.’

‘You’re going to remove that shit.’

‘You mean the baby.’

‘Yes or are you going to be an unwed mother in this society, your own don finish.’

‘Dont you think that is drastic, I’m scared Leila what if something goes wrong, what if someone finds out, what if I die.’

‘I have an idea let’s leave the country to get it done, you’ll pay for both of us except if you can take care if yourself.’

‘Where will we go?


‘Dubai, are you okay Dubai?

‘Errmmm okay what about UK.’

‘You have a valid visa?’

‘Yes but it has expired.’

‘Then it’s not valid.’

‘But you can help with that now, all those renewal things.’


‘Let’s go next week.’

‘Next week?

‘The sooner the better, that stuff is growing every minute.’


‘It’s better you refer to it as stuff so you don’t get emotionally attached.’

‘Leila please its not every time that someone is playing.’

‘I know what I’m saying Ruqqaiya, call it the stuff else emotions will get involved.’

‘How do you know that?

‘Cause I’ve experienced it before.’

Ruqqaiya stared at Leila, they were best friends and she never knew.




Sani had never been happier as he was when he saw his bride entering his father’s limo. They’d wasted enough time, greet this aunt, greet that aunt. All was over now and in a matter of hours Zahra will be his.

For a flicker of second Ruqqaiya came to his mind but he pushed it aside, he did the right thing. Zahra was a better option.

She was younger and definitely inexperienced in the ways of life and to him that was an advantage.

His friends congratulated him as he got into the car and they left along with the convoy.


He and some of his friends were in the same car, the remaining were driving other cars. Sani knew who was driving which car and he knew his best buddy was not with him on the happiest day of his life.

‘I didn’t see Ali in my wedding .’ He said out loud, it had been more of a thought though.

‘Ango you should only be thinking about Amariya not Ali.’ Mustapha, the one driving said and chuckled.

‘Didn’t he get the memo.’

‘Which memo, na conference? He followed his sister to UK for medical treatment.’ Mustapha said and concentrated on the road, he knew Ali avoided the whole wedding and he also knew why.

‘Why? Sani insisted.

‘Kai Ango why are you so concerned about Ali, hope we re not talking 14 years here o.’

‘God punish you Mustapha, the dude just got married.’ Tanko one of them said.

The limo swerved on the road to avoid a pothole the driver didn’t see on time, Sani jerked in his chair.

‘Take it easy Ango.’ Tanko said patting Sani on his back.

‘Kai call Dan, tell him to drive carefully.’ Sani said in a hyper state.

‘Ok.’ Mustapha said placing his phone on his ears and pretended to make the call.


‘Are we close.’ Sani asked.

‘Yes just some 30km more.’ Mustapha answered.


‘Hope you have the money ready to give the bridesmaids.’

‘Yes 100k.’

‘We’ll give it to that slim one.’

‘Mustapha Mustapha have you chiked her?

‘Yes na, her name is Shaizada.’

‘Which kin name be that, hope your honeymoon destination will be Obudu if you marry her.’ Tanko asked.

‘Who told you I want to marry her and why did you say Obudu?

‘Cause with that name she’ll be denied visa to even Ghana.’

‘Shege.’ Mustapha said hitting him.



They arrived finally and the bride was received formally. Sani was finally at ease, though he knew he couldn’t come near his bride until all the guest left, at least he was one step closer.

His gaze shifted to Mustapha his cousin/second best friend. He stood in for his best friend as the best man. Ali the best man was not happy with his decision to jilt his three years girlfriend for a younger girl he met 4months ago.

‘Haba Sani, think about it if it were your sister how would you feel.’ Ali had said when he told him about his wedding.

‘Please let me be, are you code of conduct tribune spokes person.’

‘I’m just saying that you should not be so ruthless.’

‘You have been bothering me, if you’re that concerned then marry her. Just know I’ve had a taste in fact more than a taste, a whole course meal that too several times. Sani had said with a devious smile.

‘I can’t believe I have been friends with you.’ He said bitterly and left. That was the last he saw him, he knew going to the UK with his sister was a way to avoid his wedding.

Mustapha on the other hand didn’t give a shit who he married as far as there would be enough beer and chicks. He had always been a womanizer from their secondary school days and was famous amongst the ladies. He had it all, good looks and money.


Mustapha had a nasty smile on his face and Sani knew he was eyeing one of the bridesmaid, wanting to see the Shaizada that he had been going on and on about so he followed his gaze. He was not having eye contact with one of the bridesmaid, he was looking at the bride and she too gave him a knowing look.

Sani knew that look.


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  1. My best episode ever. This came quite very late though…nevertheless, this is good. Beautiful ending. Don’t keep us waiting any longer.

    1. I will try to post soonest.
      Glad you enjoyed the episode @praize.

  2. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    I waited so long for this, thinking you wont continue… Glad you did. And the wedding after….

    1. @shovey I’m glad you’re following.
      That wedding name yawa for Sani.

  3. What’s happens to the pregnant lady?

    Hope we get details on the wedding and Mustapha’s adventures

    1. @gereochuko, hopefully the next episode will answer some of your questions.
      And maybe a little bit of Mustapha’s adventures.

  4. aplusn (@aplusn)

    what goes around comes around Mr Sani.
    … and now I know why Leila is the way she is, good description all round.
    Saanu Amina

    1. @aplusn please tell Mr Sani o, what ever goes around comes around.

  5. Shege Mallam Sani, what you sold is what you bought. Hope Nemesis serves with more dose than you sowed. Barawo Bansa!

    1. @musemussang I think what Mallam Sani bought is worse than what he sold.
      Jus leave the barawo ehh nemesis go catch am.
      :-) :-)

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    Okay…. I’m breathless, speechless…. whatever! This just gets more interesting.

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  7. Rekiya Adeshina (@Raykeeyah)

    Inexperienced indeed………
    Mr Sani’s eye will soon clear, mayb him and his cousin will father d children in turns.

    1. @raykeeyah Sani go hear am na.

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