Beyond Now

The first glimpse I had of the SS2 class of Gloryhigh Model College was frightening. The class was in total upheaval when I entered. Desks and chairs scattered haphazardly with students perched on any surface they could find.
I was overwhelmed by that first view. I had steeled myself for the inevitability of a first day at a new school but all the rehearsals I had done couldn’t have prepared me for the reality of what I am experiencing. Before I slept last night I had carefully planned my entry strategy into the class but all my plans had involved a settled and relaxed atmosphere not this jumbled one I had stumbled into.
As I stood by the door of the class, my legs glued to the floor refusing every command I’m sending to it from my brain and my confidence waning by the second, I beheld what I could only term as a vision from heaven. This person coming towards me could be nothing short of an angel sent from the throne to help me with this very difficult trial, I thought with typical teenage melodrama.
He was tall, slim but with well defined muscles even at that young age and with very fair complexion. In fact had his hair been blond or any other colour apart from black I would have thought he was a white guy. His eyes were very dark, his nose pointed and his lips full and of a deliciously pink hue. I had never seen anyone as beautiful as this boy.
He walked towards me totally oblivious to the fact that I was captivated by his presence. I scarcely noticed the girl walking beside him as I devoted all my attention to him. He got to the door, didn’t even look up as he excused himself and walked out. I would have swooned if I hadn’t supported myself with the door frame.
I continued staring after him long after he had disappeared from my line of view. If I had known I would behold such beauty in school today I would have taken extra pains with my lacklustre looks. In fact I might not have had the courage to venture out of my room not to talk of coming into class. I don’t know where the courage came from but after beholding the earthly angel, I suddenly found the strength to walk into the hula-bulla known as the SS2 class.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Now” by Maggie Smart (@MaggieSmart)

  1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

    I couldn’t help but scream my throat out. In a pure metaphor, I was one of the characters in your story. I experienced everything at the scene. It was as though I was present there, like a mini god, seeing and reading your major character’s mind. In a nutshell, your descriptive prowess is solid. All in all, I can relate with the new student’s experience. I love high school stories. Bring the next installment ASAP.@MaggieSmart

  2. @Adenifuja-Adetokunbo
    Lol….very funny. Her experience is relatable isn’t it? That’s what makes writing so much fun. Thanks for the encouraging comment.

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