All For What

Like a newly baptize sinner
She stands tall in the shower
Looking like an empress in her blue shower cap
Her birthday suit covered in frothy grace
As drops of waters runs down her flesh
Like tears escaping from the eyes

Her hands got hold of a towel
And gently, she rinse her soft skin of water
She step out of the shower like a fairy princess
Matching into the room with the ego of a tigress
Staring at the mirror like someone marveling at a Picasso
Letting the towel slip down to the tiled floor
As she marvel at her own beauty

Placing her spotless legs on the edge of the mahogany bed
She caresses every spot of her skin with Aloe Vera
From her oblong face, to her voluptuous breast
And gently down her to her flat stomach
To her curvy hips, and down till the rim of her feet

She soon hides her life giving breast in a bra
Her gracious temple with a fine silk
Greased her armpit with moisturizer
Then wears a beautiful gold top and a black wooly skirt
She stares at the mirror again to dress her hair
Bake her soft face with make up
Her lips she cemented with lips gloss
Her eyes brows darken more with black eye pencils
She wears a perfume, fix her ear rings and smile at her reflection
She is a Cleopatra reincarnated

She now covers her feet with a black sock
Her hands with a black silk glove
And this natures architectural masterpiece
Is now hidden deep inside the confines of a burqa
That drop to the floor like a dark cloud
And a black veil to cover her eyes from the world
Her beauty hidden from the world
Can only be seen with the goggles of the human imagination

2 thoughts on “All For What” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. Lol…very funny. I have no words. The poem speaks for itself. Very good representation

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