Water Car

We anticipate the day cars will run on water, and run on top of water.
Never knew that day was at hand, like the pen in my hand. As I write to write off the pain we sustained from the issue at hand.

Bad roads, bad town planning in our cities. That Friday night, when the Rain we prayed for poured down in our city.

The water drove us off our house with no seatbelt. We ‘crashed’ on the street, as we looked through the windshield of the streetlights.

Our noses were filled with the sweet scents from our luxurious street gutters.
As we lay our heads on our shoes and blind our eyes to the street around us as our weary minds drove us to sleep.

One thought on “Water Car” by Chikaleaks (@chikathrill)

  1. Beautiful concept but for a few “imbalances” though…
    The first two lines sounded more like a tautology and “blind” of course can’t be used as a verb…though poetic license debunks that.
    All the same you did well.

    Good job.

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