Walking The Distance

If there is one thing sought after by everyone– men and women, as well as young and old alike–, it is success. Right from conception, man has been programmed to gravitate towards success. The quest for success is ubiquitous and cuts across race, belief, gender or culture. Now, we all hold a different definition of what success entails– money, career advancement, finances, examination… the list is endless.

Success encompasses many variables but the feeling of satisfaction and contentment it brings is constant! I mean, nothing compares to punching your hand in the air and saying “Yes! I did it!” Success gives more high than champagne, Alomo Bitters, MonkeyTail or even Marijuana. True success cannot be contained or bottled up; it will spill over and suffuse one’s entire soul. My people, success sweet no be small.

However, success hardly comes cheap. For one to achieve success… for one to be successful in one’s endeavours, one has to walk the distance. It is not enough to just ‘talk the talk’ you must also ‘walk the walk’. It is not enough to dream lofty dreams…No my friend, no. There has to be a channeling of one’s efforts, energies and resources towards the object of one’s desire. Do you desire financial liberation? You must be wholly committed. Are you seeking success in your academics? You need to study hard. Or is it that beautiful lady you have trying so hard to impress? You need to commit your money and time.

Everybody has a dream… a goal… a vision of what he/she hopes to be but how many people actually realize this dream? It is not enough to dream big….it is not enough to desire comfort…it is not just enough to wish for success…No! there has to be a conscious effort to translate our dreams, hopes into and wishes into reality. Dreaming big is not a crime, but failing to pursue one’s dream is one of the gravest offenses in life. I’m talking to You… yes, You. Are you prepared to walk the distance?

 Dare your dreams and they will come TRUE!

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