We looked right, left and right again as we tried to cross the road but that old grey Toyota Camry coming from the left spoilt everything as it just tried to manoeuvre by all means, so we had to wait and look right,left and right again but as we were looking, a man in his Highlander Jeep saw our ordeal and stopped for us to cross. We looked back in unison as we waved to thank him as he sped off. Zobo was the reason we had to cross the road, she said she needed to buy zobo considering the fact that tomorrow is a public holiday and there won’t be school, so I accompanied her.

Her name is Ruth. A cute little girl I met last year at the library while I was reading. Our eyes met and we looked away almost immediately, and within very few seconds our eyes met again and this went on for sometime. I was already feeling tired because I wasn’t the library type, I prefer reading at home, but I decided to try it since I wasn’t doing anything meaningful in class and I didn’t feel the urge to go home. So I took the book I was reading and the exercise book I was using to jot and solve, off I went but on getting to where she was seated I muttered a ‘Hello’ and left.

That was how we started talking, whenever we saw each other we just said ‘hello’ and walk away until I got tired of Hellos and wanted something more like talking and probably dating. So one morning after our habitual ‘hello’ she was about leaving, then I said ‘wait’ and then I asked her her name,to which she replied ‘Ruth’.

4 thoughts on “Ruth” by Chikaleaks (@chikathrill)

  1. Very short–sincerely, very very short. Try to leave a space each time you use a punctuation mark.

  2. I concur with namdi, @chikathrill it seemed like the start of a story. Tell us more, did it continue blissfully? I still understand it’s non fiction though, well done

  3. Simple, subtle and captivating, nut needs some bit of more lines…

  4. is that all? it shouldnt be……

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