Never Ending Poem

Never Ending Poem

The beginning of this poem
Got lost on my way up this platform
Reciting the poem now
Is kind of difficult for me:

…One day I was walking by
I saw peace fighting love
The following day, I was going by
I saw peace loving fight…

Now this poem is vile.
This poem is not very good
It teaches violence.

It teaches lust
It is obscene. As such
I will beg you to quit listening.

Yet this poem is love itself
This poem preaches peace.

This poem is coming from the skies
And it is going to drive you high
As you would in time realize.

This poem is an irony.
This poem is a metaphor.

This poem is from your own heart.
It will open the pages of your heart
For everyone to read
Your good or evil deeds.

This poem teaches nonsense
For you to wipe off the non
And collect the sense in it.

This poem is not good for you
This poem is ruining you
It is misleading you
Do not listen anymore
It is devastating to your peace.

This poem is not to be heard in the open.
This poem is not to be heard amongst kids
Yet it is okay
There is nothing wrong with it.

It has such beauty that makes it ugly.

This poem is for your own good.
It will open your eyes.
It will make you see.
It will make you grow.

This poem is being read
To confuse you;
To show you just how deeply
You can be affected by nothing.

This poem is fooling you
But this poem is the fool
As you are going to find out with time.

This poem is making me sick.
I am beginning to hate it.
It has no harmony.
It has no sense.
It is a jargon but
Will haunt you
If you say a word against it.
You would regret ever saying
A word against it.

This poem does not seek your opinion.
It wants you to keep silent as you listen.

This poem wants to hold you spellbound.
It is filling you with great spell.
You can’t resist it.

This poem is a war song.
It has caused troubles in many lands.
And uproars in so many audiences.

It is blowing your brains right now
Leave the audience.

This poem is following you home tonight.
It will have you wondering in bed.
It will help you find your peace.
This poem is a good night kiss.

This poem is wasting your time
And it is making no sense.

It is offsetting your minds
But there’s nothing you can do now
You shouldn’t have listened
In the first place at all.

This poem is trying your patience.
This poem is long.
It will have you longing.

Why are you silent
Pretending you like it?
I know you don’t.

This poem is holding you indefinitely.
It will occupy you forever.
This poem will never end.

This poem will jilt you.
This poem will break your heart
Like a heart Casanova
And I won’t be sorry.

This poem is cruel
This poem will continue
In your soul till the end.

6 thoughts on “Never Ending Poem” by Idiong Divine (@Idiong_Divine)

  1. obiink (@obiink)

    i am just laughing in greek

    1. @obiink I am just saying thanks in greek!

  2. Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

    A good poem. Creativity on point but I am a kinda lost. Tried to decipher the message but I couldnt.

    Nice one though

  3. @thaprince Thank you so much Onome for your acknowledgement of the creativity herein.
    The above poem is a RANDOM poem which real message is just to capture and play the minds of the audience/listeners.
    So don’t worry so much for the message of this poem. You already have gotten it: the effect it had on you that made you start looking out for the message, was the real message of the poem.
    Many Cheers and Thanks to you for commenting <3

  4. Solomon A (Nigerian Author) (@Ukoeng)

    Is a nice poem

    1. @Ukoeng thanks for your nice comment

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