My Husband

My Husband…
*Dedicated to all Wives in the world.
Once upon a time
I was lonely
Men saw me as nice,
what a glory!
I enjoyed the number of eyes
that crawled on my body,
but now I am the wife
of my one and only,
My Husband.
I am lost in the shadow of his care
and with great submission
I became his help,
no matter the condition
I will remain his friend.
Oh! Yes his all
and his best.
Cos’ he is
My Husband
I will be by his side,
I will cook for him
I will listen to his plans
because plans are part of men’s life.
I will never be angry
whenever he is in fury,
I will always be sorry
whenever I’ve wronged him
and be ready to forgive him
whenever he has backsliden
and always remind him
‘You are,
My husband’.
I’ve heard of heaven
I will follow him down there,
I will pray for and with him,
I will always love him
Just for him, I will learn to be the best cook,
I will give him sweet words,
my call will he receive
even in his dreams.
My leg will be his pillow
when he feels low
my embrace will be a cover
when he is down
my smile will be a reminder of how great he is.
And that he is
My Husband
I know men love to win,
I will make sure he wins
all our arguments, in his work,
in his business and the church of God.
In the face of God.
My kiss will not be far from him.
My eyes will be ready to show him
he is the best for me
and with me
He is my husband
I’ve heard of hell
I will drag him away from there,
I will not nag,
lest his love for me sag,
I will never stay umkempt
lest his eyes search for other beauties in skirt
I will not frown
lest I cause his peace to drown,
I will not refrain from the truth
and never stop giving him my gratitude,
I will never stop showing I care
lest a woman outside take away my share.
I will never stop loving him cos
He is
my husband

3 thoughts on “My Husband” by Akintayo Akinjide (@Divepen)

  1. Nice one. You should have categorized this as poetry though……. and what gives me the feeling you are newly wed eh??

    Keep writing.

  2. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    God helping you. Nice one

  3. Lovely piece, I enjoyed it.

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