Cathartic Release

I really don't know if I should call this poetry. Maybe, 'lovetry' would do!


I held you for too long in my heart
like my world and existence depended on you.
And they did.

Days unrelenting, nights unending,
I boxed myself within the enclave of your aura,
locked within the walls of my crave for your attention.
I fought to win you over
but you just didn’t bother.
You took no notice of me
and showed me you cared less.
I was going to die without you.
I needed you. I needed to tell you.

I rehearsed. Memorised. And rehearsed.
I chose the right tone for each word,
running them over and over again in my mind.
Then I walked up
And told you
“I love you.”

You stared at me, emotionless.
I froze with an emptiness.
I was scared, anticipating your response.
Your face, a blank shot
gave no hint.
I was losing my mind.

Then you smiled;
Then a ray of hope;
Then a joy within me;
Then I knew what your answer would be,
I saw it all in your smile.
I was eager.

Then your answer:

“Sorry, I don’t love you.”
Then I felt free, like a miracle.
Ambivalent at first,

but released at last.

I had thought I was going to die
but, now I felt alive.
Then I realized,
your rejection of me
was what I needed:

My cathartic release.

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