The Phone Call

The Phone Call

Once upon a time,
Like in a fairy tale
In this sordid polity of ours,
A sitting president conceded
To the will of voters and
Handed over the mantle
When from the polls he fell.

Just like Jack who fell down
And broke his crown
And Jill who came tumbling after,
He tumbled all the way down
From the Rock to the creeks.

It was a great fall but
He stood out like the
Only survivor of a capsized boat;
Like a crying baby dressed in blood
And reeking sticky innocence at childbirth.

A child born of a diseased mother;
A child born of cancerous administration
With innocence gravely infected.

Then a startling cry went through
On the phone:
“Congratulation sir.”
“Thank you sir.”

That worthy humble call
Has become the loudest
In our sexy political landscape.
It echoed all the way
From the creeks to the Sahara
Like thunder;
Flashing from the cradle
To the even bed of the sun
Like lightening.

It came like morn dew drops
On an overnight fire stand.

It quelled the rifts
And put to shame the
Over gloated vagabonds that
Crowded a good man’s tenure.

It shamed those clergy-vultures
Who were perching on the Rock
To scavenge a battered nation and
Preaching to their dazzled flock
That it was a blessing to syphon
Commonwealth into to their
Filthy temples of selfish ideologies.

The fat reckless GDP women
And big eyed oily faced women
Now have their heartless heads
In the sand like ostriches.

Their disservices to this our country
And to the erstwhile president
Has made those who play with bombs
In Borno look like patriots.

That phone call has silenced
The sycophants that praise-sang and
Clapped down the crown
From his head.

So great was their fall that
Their bottoms are now open
Like a fowl’s in the wind.

We are grateful.
We are a happy people.

But watch out, Jonathan, for posterity
Whether it will smile back at you
For the things you did to us;
For the way you threw
Our mandate to the dogs.

Watch out if it would
Playback the caller tune
Of your call and
Have us all dancing
To the lilts in our memories.

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