The Coup


A white fluorescent light beamed down to the dining table where a family of four sat down enjoying their dinner.
”Dad why don’t we always say the grace before eating? My teacher said thanking God for the food makes it taste better” asked David who was about six years old.
”No David praying won’t make a food taste any better” argued Linda who was two years older.
”You have never been taught Linda, you don’t know it. My teacher is always right” replied David.
”Enough, its good to say grace before eating” Their mom cut in to stop what may seems as an endless argument.
”Dad will you say the grace tomorrow?” David asked.
”Stop talking and concentrate on your food, it’s a bad habit to talk while eating” his father answered, obviously having more important issue on his mind.
He overheard a rumour that a coup was being plotted but they couldn’t discover its perpetrators. All he was thinking of was how he would get his family out of the country the following day.
Suddenly it started sounding, right outside the gate of their mansion. The unmistakable sound of M16 assault rifle banging continuously.
”They are here Moses” said the wife as the reality of what was happening became dawn on them.
”Go get ready, they mustn’t meet us here” Moses said as he dashed out.
”Stay here i will be back” Rebecca said to the children before going upstairs.
Moses came in carrying two Ak47 rifles, he checked to see that both weapons are in good condition. In the same instance Rebecca came down with a brief case.
”Take this Darling, you have to be strong for our children” Moses said handing her one of the AKs.
He readied the gun as he saw the front door open but it was Sammy head of their security who came in along with two guards.
”Sir the army troops are all over the house, they will be here in any minute” Sammy announced.
”Let’s get out of here” Moses said as he led the way but as they were about to get out, three armed military troops rushed in and shoot.
The shot hit the two guards while Sammy and his boss replied the troops with bullets. They quickly ran out of the sitting room, walking past the kitchen until the reached the store room.
Moses pulled the wine shelf aside and the emergency exit revealed its self. The door was opened and they found themselves inside the compound where they tiptoed their way toward the small gate at the backyard.
A patrolling solder suddenly bumped into them but Moses was quick to silent him with his knife. They eventually found the gate and happily made it out of building.
After walking a few meters away from the building, Sammy suddenly stopped and pointed his gun at Moses.
”What is happening Sam?” Moses said in confusion.
”Am sorry I have to do this Sir” he replied.
About two dozen armed soldiers came out of their hiding all aiming their rifles at Moses and his family.
”Under whose command do your exercise this treason” He demanded angrily.
”They do it under my command” came the voice from a man walking toward them.
”You remember me don’t you?” the man asked.
Ofcourse Moses remembered him, he was Patrick Anderson, the junior brother to Miles Anderson the former head of state who he was ordered to execute in a coup several years ago.
”As you can see, what goes around comes around. My brother trusted you but you fed him with betrayal” Patrick said bringing out a revolver pistol.
”You can kill me, but at least let my family go” Moses pleaded.
”Why should i? When you didn’t extend such courtesy to my brother’s family. Well in the kindness of my heart, i will give your family a little chance” He said opening the bullet chamber of the revolver and inserting only three bullets inside the cylinder. He rolled the cylinder before closing it back.
”I bet you are familiar with the game ‘Russian Roulette’ if i pull the trigger three times and the bullet doesn’t fire, i will let your family go” he said motioning to his guards.
Moses’ wife and kids were pushed to the ground while Patrick aimed the Revolver on Rebecca’s head. He pulled the trigger once but the gun didn’t fire, he pulled it again it still didn’t fire. The gun eventually fired the third time and Moses’ family was executed.
Moses screamed in horror as he saw his loved ones massacred. He went out of his mind for a few seconds and when he regained his senses he grabbed the rifle he was forced to drop when they were surrounded and aimed to shoot Patrick but before he could, million of bullets rained on him. He dropped down slowly and death wrapped its cold hand around him.

Written by Oluwafunminiyi

6 thoughts on “The Coup” by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe (@Niyopumping)

  1. namdi (@namdi)

    * You typed ‘I’ as ‘i’ in several places.
    * ‘junior brother’, it ought to be ‘younger brother’.
    * I was surprised when Moses used a knife to ‘silent’ the patrolling ‘solder’ . . . you only mentioned the gun he had, where did he get the knife?

  2. Ezeama Chijioke Desmond (@Chijy)

    This is nice. Take note of the errors and get better in your next piece. I actually like this one a lot.
    Well done.

  3. Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe (@Niyopumping)

    Thanks for pointing out the errors, i will work on it.
    @Chijy am glad you like it.

  4. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    Wow! what a cruel way to silence a family. short and precise.

  5. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

    Nice plot, but the delivery needs work. Considering your previous posts, you’re getting better, though.

  6. I also noticed a few grammatical errors. More stringent editing would do your writing a lot of good.

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