The Coming of Dawn

The Coming of Dawn

Dawn in my country,
Unlike the rising sun,
Is from the North.

It is like a dreamy sleep;
A sleep full of dreams.
You wake up,
You think you have woken up
But you realize again
You have only just
Woken from one of your numerous dreams.
And even in this realization,
You are still dreaming;
You are still sleeping.

So my countrymen
Just couldn’t comprehend
The coming of dawn.

My people could not fathom
The rising sun
As he dances into the stage
Because we have long forgotten
The cardinal points of nationhood.
Our bureaucratic code was corrupted.

Asked when, where the sun rises?
We couldn’t say.
When and where does it set?
We couldn’t say.

We have long wandered away
From the laws of the universe.
Our latitude and longitude
Have been shifted
And so were our values.

Dawn in my country
Comes after an election.

It comes bit by bits;
Little by Little
Percolating the unconscious darkness
Of the trodden.

Brains beaten out of proportion
By ravenous madness against the light:

A clergy in Sokoto was caught
On a television-Channels
Calling for amnesty for those
Who looted the country dry.

A young man was caught saying
“Why should anyone probe
Those who stole the country dead?
The country will divide.”

Start the probe with
The Lion of Bordellon
And erstwhile River governor.

Start from 1914
Start from 1960
Start from 1963

You must probe those old buffoons
And Halliburton scandal.

The coming of dawn
Revealed that Fela’s “Zombie”
For Nigerian was almost apt.

It revealed those who has been
Jumping into bed with corruption,
The ones who flirted with him in secret
And those no longer ashamed
To be seen necking him in the open.

We that have been charmed
By the sweetness of corruption,
We that once believed
Stealing is not corruption,
We were caught shading
Our eyes from the light.

We that had been on the look out
Gladly embraced the coming dawn.

It has been a long sleep
Full of dreams and nightmares.
And we have been helpless
Because in a dream
You can’t really tell
One colour from the other.
You can’t tell right from left.

So we floated like dead leaves
In a vast timeless void
Of corrupt practices
Until the coming of dawn.

And now with dew wet grassland
And a shimmering flicker of light
We can but say Good Morning to
And work out how the sun will set
On the children to come.

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