Payback Pt 3

Minutes later Larry was fast asleep as the sedative that was given to him by the doctor took effect almost immediately.

“I don’t know how he managed to be alive but he is one lucky young man”, the beautiful young doctor said with so much affection and then she left.

Somewhere in the cloud, the man at the gate was smiling.


Two years had gone since the attempted suicide. At first, It was hard for him to move on after he was discharged from the hospital. There were times then, that he still contemplated suicide but due to his family and the lovely and pretty looking, Doctor Nkem, slways constantly checking up on him, it was hard for him to carry out the act. Doctor Nkem took his health as a duty that she had to carry out.

Weeks after, Larry started to return back to his normal self. It was as if nothing bad had happened to him. He was no longer hurting but he had not forgotten. There is no way you forget such a betrayal. The girl who claims to love you and your best friend who had always claimed to have your back, stabbing you hard on the back and leaving the knife there so that you could bleed to death.

“You need a change of environment to get away from all that happened”, Dr. Nkem said to him during one of her constant visits.
“Yeah, I was contemplating that. I have already put in for a transfer and it has been approved. I am leaving tomorrow”, Larry said

“Hmmmm”, she sighed.

Larry understood what that sigh meant. During the past months that she had been checking up on him, she had developed feelings for him. Larry knew this.

“So if I didn’t suggest this you wouldn’t have told me about it? She asked

Larry had nothing to say. He was mute.
She looked up at him and said, “You wanted to leave without saying good bye?”

Larry’s face expressed surprise, because what she said was true.

“I am sorry that you feel this way. I know that you have feelings for me. I also feel the same way but I can’t get involved right now. I have to heal totally”, he said.

“But it’s been two and a half years already. Is that not enough time for you to heal?” She said with a shade of tears in her voice.
“Please Nkem, give me time. Please”, he pleaded.
With a quick change of movement, She got up to leave. Larry held her and turned her around and gave a kiss. It was not just a kiss. It was a kiss that oozed hope, love, honesty and affection. Nkem understood it because he held him tight and returned the kiss with so much dexterity and passion. She was so much in love with this man that almost tried to kill himself three years ago and now he had to leave. She knew that she might not see him in a while so she made good use of this moment. She made sure she would make it last for as long as she could.

The next day he was on a flight heading to Jos. On one hand he was glad that he was moving away from it all. He wanted what happened to be a past in his life; past that was threatening to cripple the beautiful feeling that was brewing between him and the beautiful doctor. He hoped it would not raise its head in the nearest future. He was moving away from all of it. He was relocating. He didn’t want to stay in a place where he would have constant reminder of what would have been. As much as he wanted to hate Sandra, he still had feelings for her but as the saying goes, “there is a thin line between love and hate”
With time he knew he would be ready for something new. If Nkem was still available then, she would be the one. But he was not hoping on her to wait for him even though she promised to. The kiss said so

A month later he was settled in his new environment. Nkem kept in touch with him and he reciprocated.


He made friends easily and he was loved by everyone in his work place. He believed that his past was really behind him now. He had forgotten what happened thirty months ago.

An interview was taking place in the organization and he was part of the panel of interviewers.
As one of the candidates came in for the interview, something about her caught his attention. She looked so much like Sandra but on closer observation it wasn’t her but she looked a lot like her.

A week later the young girl became his secretary. Her name was Prisca and she was a funny and enthusiastic young woman and most of all she was hardworking.

“Good morning sir”, Prisca greeted him as he came into the office.
“How are you?” Larry asked.
“I am fine sir:”

Some minutes later Prisca came into his office.
“Sir, I want to invite you, specially to my step-sister’s wedding”, she said with so much gusto.

“Oh! ,thats nice”, Larry said.
Prisca dropped the invitation card on the table.

The invitation card brought back a memory that he wanted to forget. But no matter how much he tried he couldn’t.

Prisca sat down as Larry gave her some instructions as regards a letter that she was to type for him.

“Is that all sir?” she asked.


The ring tone of the phone broke his riverie.
That wasn’t his phone ringing because that was not the ring tone he was accustomed to.

The phone that was lying there on his table was for his secretary.
She forget it while she was in his office.

He got up to take the phone to his hardworking secretary, as the phone began to ring again.
As he picked up the phone his gaze caught the picture of the caller. He was shocked at what he saw that he almost dropped the phone on the tiled floor.
Right there on the phone screen was the picture of his ex-fiance, Sandra.
Larry started to sweat. His tie became too tight for him to wear. He removed it. He started to think but he couldn’t process any information right now. He needed answers and he was going to get it.


“You forgot your phone”, he told Prisca as she entered his office.
“Oh! I am sorry sir”.

“You don’t have to be”, Larry said.

“Thank you sir”.

She turned to leave as she took the phone from the table.

“By the way, the person who was calling you is a pretty woman”, Larry said.

Prisca blushed.

“Thats Sandra, my step sister”.

Larrys face became stony as if he wanted to murder someone.

“Is everything alright sir”? She asked.

Magically, it started as a grin, then a giggle and then a laughter.

“As you can see I am fine”.

“Alright sir”, she said as she left his office.

Larry suddenly stopped laughing.
He picked up the wedding invitation for the first time since she brought it to him.
“What happened to Tunde?” He thought.
“Did they not marry each other anymore?”

A grin appeared on his face. And it was a sinister one.

An opportunity has presented itself and he was not ready to let it slip by him.

“Fate has a plan for me. If not, why did Prisca my secretary?”, he thought to himself.

I guess my past is not ready to let me be.
He looked up to the ceiling as if he was expecting to see someone there.

“I guess I really have to honour the invitation now. But why wait till then?” He thought.

“Besides my leave is long overdue. I owe someone a surprise and she is sure going to get it”, a wicked smile pasted his face

13 thoughts on “Payback Pt 3” by Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

  1. Lol…now that is payback. He shouldn’t try anything rash though…
    You wrote this well, except for a few typos though. You should improve your ‘conversations’ too. The story looks quite rushed, like you are ‘fast forwarding’ a movie anxious to get to the ‘koko.’ It’s alright if you don’t want the series to be long, you should add beautiful touches though. Poets are very good at that, so I trust you.
    Beautiful story, wonderful ending.

    Well done.

  2. (@praize): Yeah u sure right bout that. I dnt want it to be too long but looking at it now it might be.

    Currently on it now.

    Thanks for the advice. Will do ma best.

  3. ‘Nkem understand it because he held him tight and returned the kiss’ . . . Funny, that error made it seem like two guys doing ‘stuff’.

    Nice story, but the fast-forward eh! Hmm!

  4. chai! Now I have to retract my initial comment on them living happily ever after in the pt1. cant wait to read what happens next.

  5. (@namdi): I dnt understand you. “Nkem understood”.

    I dnt know where the error is, cos from wat I am seeing there is no error.

    (@Shovey): you sure have to. Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it.

  6. ‘Understood’ was my own mistake while typing.

    Just check that sentence again, you described Nkem as a ‘he’.

  7. louis (@luwizdrizzy)

    Saw it too @namdi ….lmao,I noticed it too and was like,when did this guy become gay now???

  8. (@namdi): I have seen it. My bad. Just one of those typos that refuse to go away. I really took my time on the system editing it but they wnt just go away.

    Thanks for spoting it. I am filled with gratitude.

  9. Apart from being to rushy and the less use of words, it was very good.

  10. (@MAXIMA): Thanks for ur comment.

    Rushy, I agree.

    Less use of words; now am lost. Pls explain.

  11. the story you have written is strong to be left without depth. Play with your words dear, they are the life blood of the story

  12. Hmmmmm….I am more lost. Are you talkibg bout dialogue? Cos this is a short story not poetry.

    Like I said give me an lucid explanation. I will grately appreciate it.

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