Noeline My Heroine

Noeline My Heroine

Noeline, My Heroine

Taller than wander tree
Yet not dwarfed in morality
When she flew wildly as bee
She never succumbed to indignity
She saw tomorrow in her womb
Rather looking unto today in the tomb

I admired her so much
She was my jasmine
But I was not so rush
To make her fine
Till a husk flew into her cage
Broke all bars and left damage

Lol! After nine months of labour
Carrying a demi-god as Mary
Pondering always in her lonely harbor
With dried brook of merry
She waited for Elizabeth and Joseph
But all she met was her world and self

Throughout this tedious days
She lonely strolled the street
Under the scorching sunrays
Gritting her teeth
Yet smile always grew in her face
To keep her steady in the race

She later climbed the mountain
To bring a new life
That will draw devilish curtain
In this world of anti-prolife
I greet her; Chioma, God of favour
To the heroine, He must be in thy endeavor
To my dear lovely Noeline

One thought on “Noeline My Heroine” by SUNNYDEMAJESTY (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY)

  1. Wow! This is a poem deep and rich in meaning. I appreciate this. Celebrating life in the womb and the strength of the one who borne it. Noeline.
    These lines :
    “Till a husk flew into her cage
    Broke all bars and left damage,” makes me ask if the child was a product of you two or she and someone else.
    Is this meant as it reads: “Throughout this tedious days”
    Or it’s some typo and “this” should be “these?”

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