I Am Pregnant


I am pregnant!

Months of unspoken words

Reserved for so long to culminate

Into a rock of solid affection.

Too strong for all gossips

Too firm for the winds of indicision

There’s a fight in my head!

For to stop or to go ahead.

There’s a pause in my bed,

To speak or remain dumb in cupidal agony


Stupid is perfect

You draw my attention like a magnet

Always found myself yielding

A YES!, that is all am pleading


A YES! Not to the fact that am bald

Or my little wickedness to say that am bad

A YES! Ignoring the fact that am too tall

Please pardon my words, they sound too raw

A YES! even as I can’t give u a ride in my two wheeled car

Even as am yet to become a music star

À YES! for the fact that am as handsome as an ape

Though my lips are not as sweet as a grape.


So I humble my self at thy feet my love

Never withhold your love from me

I’ve planted a seed in your heart

Please water it

And let’s watch it germinate

And grow into an oak tree

With long and large branches

Creating a large shade for the earthen to dwell under

Tree so deep rooted in eternity.

Water this plant my love

Let it grow

Because am pregnant!


9 thoughts on “I Am Pregnant” by Gideon Oyediji (@gswagz)

  1. Sorry, it lacks a concept and a story line.

    1. Gideon Oyediji (@gswagz)

      I was not pregnant with a baby but with words @ufuomaotebele

  2. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Okay… please translate this poem because all I got was that someone is pregnant!

    1. Gideon Oyediji (@gswagz)

      I am very grateful @crissle for your observation. It is noted sir. Thank you?

  3. Crissle (@Crissle)

    No offence but why do people use “am” when it’s meant to be “I am” or “I’m”. Your last line should be “Because I’m pregnant”.

  4. Lol @maxima You can never say a poem lacks concept or storyline, NEVER. Niyi Osundare was popular for writing the most complex of poems in the simplest of ways…His poems had hidden meanings, beautified riddles. Now the fact that you can’t decipher @gswagz poem doesn’t mean it lacks a concept, it shows you’ve got work to do. @murney_okosisi ‘s poem, ‘I RAPE’ was a poem I couldn’t decipher(notably because I was younger). You just may be right, but don’t be so quick in discarding a piece next time. @ufuomaotebele did recognise that the poem needs deciphering. Personally, I think the love-stricken man is PREGNANT WITH WORDS he finds hard to spill because he feels inferior and underqualified to have his lady, hence the frustration and plea. That is a just a guess tho.
    @gswagz I would say some rhymes looked forced, didn’t blend in properly with the context. All the same, good job.

  5. you will actually make a good poemist lol…

  6. Really cool poem, I got the message, at least to some extent. but you really need to develop on your sense of oratory. let the poem flow through you like a vessel. good one though.

  7. bolanle (@suliat)

    its a nice write up…… maybe u should ve use another title instead. the storyline is good and understandable to me but not well precise…. use strong, commanding words in making the storyline more understandable…. thumbs up…..

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