Gulder Man

When love drips
I take a sip
Straight, on ice-blocks
Gush, a rush
The hot steam
Flowing down below
Through tubes and hardened heart
Keyed in, ignition started

Then it hits
Midnight clock
Thoughts of you
furnace of your raging youth
You in the middle
Red lips on glowing skin
A moth caught in the lime light
Dancing with wings and thighs
Oh, woman from the coast
ever ever so close to you

When all is blurred
The skyline jack journeyed
plastered with stars and troubled hiccups
Streets full of night time strangers
all connected through ancient brew
all storytellers sitting on wooden casks….

And, In that haggard stance
When words come out freely and
hearts bleed out barley desires
Then, without much grumbling
I grab the fire and burn
knowing I must have you
Your scent I must smell
Someday, someday
Someplace far from the gulder man’s grip

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