My children look for
Every space or semblance
Of any vacuums in my house
And fill them up with
Excited cries of “daddy!”

They cling to me
Like the branches of a tree
And run around me
The way pups do around a bitch.
They are in my poetry drafts;
In my plate of foofoo and edikaikong
In my chattering with my wife
And on my android games.
They won’t let me be.

A constant reminder
That they are now a part of me.
Fatherhood is like
Flowing stream that must
Carry everything along its course.

So they must be on my lap.
On my shoulders.
They must lie and sit on me
And occupy all the instances.

I am now I Am That I am.
I am now the missing coma.
I am Moses and I am his ability
To deliver Israel.
I am Jesus and I am his power
To do miracles.
I can do all things.
I have no limitation at all.
Tell them my children say so.

So when we drive past
A good jeep or mansion,
They tell me they want it.

Fatherhood makes me agree
To own it all:
The flowers and their beauties,
The trees and birds and their songs,
The running stream and the fishes,
All the monies in the bank,
The cars and mansions and
I wish and wish and wish.

2 thoughts on “Fatherhood” by Idiong Divine (@Idiong_Divine)

  1. Folakemi Emem-Akpan (@Folakemi)

    you got it so right. I love my kids with all of my heart but they seem to be everywhere everytime. The only time I get my alone time is after they’ve gone to bed in the night. And their wishes…oh boy. You can’t ever go out together without them requesting you to buy a thousand things. When my daughter was smaller, she’d asked for everything under the sun one day, until she finally said, “buy me a policeman”. We still laugh about it till today

  2. @Folakemi You got it sist. They seem to be everywhere every time indeed. These days one of my sons is beginning to request to follow me to work. It is a whole lot of joyful experience with kids. They are so unrestricted and free.

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