what is music to a child
Malnourished and starved
He’s skin was brass, he’s short was torn
He’s only joy was air
He stood and then fell
“stood I by the corner”
Sad songs his belly sang and he clapped,Stood and fell.
A little girl watched him, with a smile took her last breath
“Stood I by the corner”
With tears he smiled, it was time to leave earth
“Stood I by the corner”

One thought on “Brickbat” by vagor (@vagorjack)

  1. Is the persona incapacitated?
    He/she could have rendered any form of help to save the day…..
    My best lines:
    “what is music to a child
    Malnourished and starved”

    It reminds me of the statement…. “Stand up and see the presence of the Lord is not for the crippled and or blind”

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