5 Reasons You Should Check Out Independent Movies

Most people line up outside their local movie theaters to see the latest blockbusters from the major movie studios. The major studios have the financing to buy the rights to big name stories, bring in popular actors, and utilize marketing that makes people want to go out and buy a ticket. The other side of the movie industry is made up of independent films and those films can also have big stars and popular story names, but they lack the kind of budget necessary to make a big splash. Despite the funding issues, there are still plenty of good reasons to see an independent film.

See Up And Coming Actors

In many ways, independent films act as the farm system for the Hollywood big leagues. New actors are often cast into significant roles because the independent studios cannot afford big names. The advantage to the moviegoer is that they get exposed to a variety of actors that they may have not otherwise seen. Many of the biggest names in Hollywood today got their starts playing major roles in independent movies.

Enjoy Story Lines That Hollywood Would Never Touch

If you love movies, then you will enjoy the fact that independent movie studios often make films that the big Hollywood studios would never make. In some cases, the subject matter is too controversial for Hollywood, or the story is too violent. Sometimes independent studios give moviegoers the chance to see works written by artists that Hollywood will not do business with for various reasons. For example, an author who is known for their controversial subject matter will not find work in Hollywood, but they can create a career with independent films.

Watch Big Names Play Unexpected Roles

There is a segment of Hollywood that not only respects independent films, but often wants to be involved in those films because they offer significant opportunities. For example, you may hear of a big name actor who takes a big pay cut just to play a role in an independent movie that the actor finds very appealing. In independent films, you get to see your favorite actors in roles that you would never expect them to play. It is an opportunity to see the real acting range of the professionals who help create the Hollywood epics.

Necessity Breeds Creativity

An entertaining element of independent movies is the creativity that comes about out of necessity. When independent movie studios cannot afford to hire big name directors or pay for spectacular special effects, the result is an entertaining innovation that can sometimes affect the way that the bigger studios make their movies.


If you try to send an email to your favorite actor in Hollywood, the chances are very slim that your message will get through. However, many professionals involved in the independent movie scene are very active on social media and accessible to their audiences. It enhances the audience’s experience when that audience can get on social media and discuss an independent film with the people who made that film.

Big studio executives such as Marc Shmuger often decide to start their own independent movie studios after years of working for the big Hollywood organizations. The result is the mix of big studio experience and independent studio innovation that can lead to very entertaining movies.

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