Writing Is…?

Writing Is…?

My ultimate means of self expression
My means of survival
My story,my cross,my tears,my joy
My release (of pent up emotion)
My leeway(for venting)
My memory(2nd memory anyway..cos’ I’m forgetful)
My inspiration(when I need a push)
My bucketlist(for hopes and aspiration)
My madness
My gift…

Words fail me sometimes
Sometimes I’m too emotional to articulate my feeling,
But with a pen and paper I’m LOUD
I’m fierce,I’m strong,I’m well travelled,I’m exposed,I’m smart (With a pen and paper)

With my pen,I’m not lonely,
With my pen I paint pictures; of places I’ve been (Only in my mind)
With my pen: I vent,I muse,I express,I pour
With my pen,I could never go wrong
And even when I do,I rectify
With my pen

Because writing…everything,anything,something and nothing
Is still writing;with my pen
I just vocalized didn’t I?
I may not have made much sense
Maybe its sleep and passion put together
Its 12:13am..hubby’s dozing,baby’s asleep,
I haven’t slept allday.
But I’m awake writing this “nothing”.

That’s my story,What’s yours?
What does writing mean to you?

“Writing is a form of personal freedom. It frees us from the mass identity we see all around us. In the end,writers will write not to be outlaw heroes of some underculture but mainly to save themselves, to survive as individuals”
(Don Delillo)

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a poet, this is just one of my musings written IN the moment.

8 thoughts on “Writing Is…?” by ebiesmusings (@eberenwosu)

  1. @EBERENWOSU. Lovely and nice. I feel you. Writing is almost everything to me it gives me an opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas with others since I do not like to talk much.

  2. “Write, write and write!
    Thoughts are transient beings, so
    You need to write them down before they escape.
    Where do your inspiration come from?
    And what is poetry
    If it does not take place in the mind
    Or among trees of everyday thought?”

    That’s the first stanza of my poem: ‘Poet of Twenty-One-Century Lagos’.

    The truth is, anybody can be a poet. I’ve seen peasants, economist, engineers, bankers, lawyers, politricktians, etc who are also poets. So telling me that you are not a poet, when you had written such a fine piece, is to me the greatest irony.

    Keep writing and start believing in yourself.

  3. ebiesmusings (@eberenwosu)

    @majiri,Spot on. I totally feel u, Thanks for reading.

  4. ebiesmusings (@eberenwosu)

    0uch! forgive me@majiri seeing double ,@danjuma, That was meant 4 u. Its good to know I’m not weird. Thnx again 4 readin.

  5. ebiesmusings (@eberenwosu)

    @Chime221 “Thoughts are transient beings,so you need to write them down before they escape” That sums it up for me.
    I need to read that poem,where can I find it?

    I said that which I said because to me poetry is rhythmic;following a particular pattern and style. I don’t do that, I just write..Hence the disclaimer,but when a scribe says I’m one,who am I 2 disagree lol..
    Thanks 4 reading and commenting as always..

  6. Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

    Yeah anybody can be a poet but it now depends on the degree of technique and the things that make up poetry.

    Anybody can be a poet but not everyone can be ‘The poet’.

    As for me everyone can write a poem but being a poet is not beans..As at when I was in primary five, I loved writing composition. That was the part that I liked in English Languge. In JSS 1, my writing progressed to love letters. I would write it like poetry. I didnt know then. I just thought I was expressing my feelings in a whole different way.

    I remembered writing a few for my friends and brothers. From then on I graduated to writing articles. I wrote an article for my school mag. I still continued with my letters.

    In SS 2 I started to compose my thoughts with a pen anytime I was not happy, most espcially when a babe broke my heart(Chai! Babes show me shege back den). It was in SS 3 I realized I waa writing poems cos den I used it to toast babes back den in Sec sch. I av never looked back since then.

    Writing is progressive. You cant be a writer over night. Sometimes I wish that I didnt study engineering. But well I am glad the skill and zeal has not left me.

    Poetry or not. Keep on writing. You might write a poem and all the elements of poetry might be lacking, but that will not take the message that you are trying to pass across.

    I dnt need to tell you to keep writing cos I know that you will but I go still talk am.

    Keep on writing.

  7. ebiesmusings (@eberenwosu)

    Hahahahahaha, hope dey paid 4 urletter writing services o.
    I know,I know poetry isn’t beans. Its very deep, too deep. Truth is: I’m in awe of good poets.
    I loved the compositions and essay writing in school too. I always had better grades in English than math till 2mao.
    U read engineering? Srsly? N u can write too? Wow…now u’ve punctured my theory ooo.

    I used to tell my friends that say writing is easier than solving calculations to come try it. They never do. Now I’m sure if I dare you that way..u’ll take me up on it.
    Thank God sai u talkam ;I will. Thnx 4 reading too

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