Why do men cheat?

One question that I feel nobody will ever have an answer to is why do men cheat. Even guys themselves don’t really have a reason for cheating

I have always wondered why some guys/men can’t do without cheating.

Even when they are in a happy relationship with a girl they claim they love so much, they still cheat. I just don’t just get why anybody would risk loosing someone they care about over some fling.

A friend of mine and I had this conversation recently and the excuse he gave me was sort of lame; he has this beautiful girl, he loves, cherishes and cares for but he still cheats on her with several other girls; he said and I quote “I love her so much and she must not know about it but then there are a lot of girls in this world”. I didn’t know what to say to him after he said that; knowing fully well that he might actually loose this girl he loves so much if she ever finds out about his other affairs isn’t even enough to stop him from cheating. He might claim to love her but to me, he doesn’t really do; because I don’t see why anyone would do something that might hurt the people they love.

Cheating while in a relationship isn’t as bad as cheating in marriage. You can still think about forgiving your boyfriend, and that’s if he apologises and promises not to do it again. But forgiving a cheating husband? That’s not something easy. I just don’t understand why any reasonable man would cheat on his wife. If she isn’t what you desire in a woman, why marry her in the first place?

Now ladies, here’s the thing; once a cheat, always a cheat. And please stop with the ‘I can change him mentality’! It doesn’t work because you’re not his mama neither are you God. Even his mama can’t change him, only God can.

If he’s a serial cheat while you are still dating, trust me he will still cheat when you get married. So here is my advice, stay away from guys like that.

Here’s my question to guys/men, why do you cheat? Why do you cheat on that beautiful girlfriend of yours? Why do you cheat on your beautiful wife? Why do you cheat on the mother of your cute kids? Isn’t she good enough for you? If you claim to love her so much, why do anything to hurt her?


14 thoughts on “Why do men cheat?” by Msbams (@Msbams)

  1. namdi (@namdi)

    Ah! I read this piece hoping I would find at least one tested and proven reason why guys cheat–see how you just ‘fall my hand’. I don’t mean its bad, I just expected something different.

    Too bad I can’t answer the question–I don’t cheat.

    1. KellyShor (@Kellyshor)

      Lol your comment made me laugh I think @msbams is female so she wouldn’t know for that’s y she threw the question to you guys

  2. illest_vic (@vicktoh)

    Men who cheat are not careful thinkers, they act on primtive feelings without weighing consequences. While it is embedded in the male gene to be polygamous, I believe we have evolved enough to control these primitive urges.

    1. pendapearl (@pendapearl)

      Really? I don’t know wahto think “its in male gene to be polygamous” Rinduuculous

  3. Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

    I concur with (@namdi) Before writing such a piece, you ought to have done a research on it so that we would have an idea why men cheat.

    This would have made us to form our own opinion on the issue.

    As for me there are reasons why some men cheat and some men do it for the fun of it. And others cheat without them planning to cheat.

  4. Lol…this is really a great trend. I don’t cheat, I have never and I will never do so, but I do understand to an extent why ‘men’ cheat? It’s “one of those things” isn’t it? The same way many American moms have sex with their son claiming they are ‘teaching’ them. One thing I know, every man has a ‘mind’ and the ‘flesh.’ Is it our faults that every man (or women) lust after one another? Nay, we are created that way, but it’s a big fault when we fail to control them. The root of cheating is simply Covetousness and Lust. As simple as that. It is a two-way thing, “YOU EITHER KEEP YOUR DESIRES IN CHECK, OR THEY CONTROL YOU..”
    Everything starts from the mind, EVERYTHING! Our biggest mistake is relishing our lustful thoughts when we should have said a capital “NO” immediately they came. I’m a christian, and I sort of got more control over my thoughts when I got closer to God—another real reason men cheat.
    While there are men who don’t believe there is a God, there are so many others who sit over the fence. There are others who believe HE exists but are not interested in Him. Therefore, a major reason while some men cheat is because they are not accountable to anyone, to any superior, to God but they are only accountable to themselves. They crave that freedom, they get it–but alas, they aren’t free from ‘themselves.’ I think this about sums it all.
    @thaprince I don’t really think some people cheat without planning to. One way or the other, they plan it..whether intentionally or not. CIRCUMSTANCES DOESN’T MAKE YOU A CHEAT, A CHEAT IS ALREADY A CHEAT BEFORE HE CHEATED, HE JUST SHOWED WHO HE IS. I so much think we would need the opinion of someone that is already married though..maybe someone like @folakemi .I’m not sure if @shovey is married too…They can shed more ‘matured’ light on this.

    Well done

  5. majiri (@majiri)

    Hmmmmm..Nice talk writer.I think men cheat because is their nature not all sha. #winks

  6. Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

    (@praize): When I said so, I was talking from experience.

    I am a few males have been in such situations.

    All cases of cheating are not always the same.

    Talking from experience

  7. Lol… @thaprince I do understand you but I’m telling you, ANYONE WHO CHEATS KNOWINGLY OR UNKNOWINGLY PLANS TO CHEAT. The fact that you(not you) watch too much porn and you end up raping your ‘sexy’ sister because you wanted to satisfy your urges and curiousity doesn’t mean it is a coincidence or it is”the devil’s doing.” The truth is you started ‘planning to rape her’ the day you started to watch pornography!
    I don’t see any reason why you will cheat on your wife or spouse and still explain WHY ON EARTH YOU DIDN’T PLAN TO HAVE SEX WITH ANOTHER LADY WHO ISN’T YOUR WIFE! The only reason that sounds a bit understandable is cheating to protect your spouse. I don’t find it reasonable though…but a fair amount of people would.
    You say you talk from experience, Prince. You could maybe give us an example why a man had sex with another lady who wasn’t his partner ‘without planning to’ ….
    Maybe then shall I understand.

  8. Women cheat more that men. Statistics shows that to be true…

    Men cheat because it’s only natural to desire to change SOUP once in a while…you understand?

    Lol. On a very serious note, as in, jokes apart, the case of cheating is neither here nor there.
    I used to cheat until I met HER….

  9. Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

    (@Chime221): Na so

  10. Erikposi Benjamin Chigozie (@Erikposi)

    I can tell you categorically that the main reason why men cheat is because they found their girlfriend or wife as it may be not satisfying. When a woman you love and wouldn’t want to hurt keeps giving you excuses why she wouldn’t have sex or keeps making your sex life an only night event, then the only option you have is but to commit adultery.

    Some women will take the fact that they are now married stopped looking or dressing sexy at home. And when you see your young house help in those sexy short skirt, you think of nothing but on how to have sex with her. Then when your wife get to know she would start asking you of what evil she had done to deserve that.

    Is it not possible for a married woman who had given birth to still look slim and sexy?

    Must sex always be night thing?

    Anyway as for me, I don’t think of cheating on my wife ’cause even if I try it, they cannot satisfy me like my wife who sex is any where thing, be it Kitchen, Toilet, sitting room, our Son’s room when he is not around or our bedroom. Morning, afternoon or evening.

    A good wife should know that she should not be found wearing pant when her husband is around.

  11. Omena (@menoveg)

    INDISCIPLINE! That is the word that encompasses it all!

  12. It would have been easier answering the question “why do women cheat?” Well, I’m convinced within me that men cheat consciously, mostly for the fun of it. Its not as if I do cheat on my lady – I’ve seen lot of guys like that!

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