The street

The street

The street, a place that is foolishly wise, yet wisdon gained.
She never fails to educate; she discriminates not.
She welcomes you and gives you a plot.

The street a home to many
The street a home to any

The street is home to the homeless
The abandoned, the disowned and the outcast.
Giving birth to a small big family.
Waging a defence against poverty, lack and family errors.
But some chose to sit on the fence
Some chose the solution to be violence
Some chose to continue the experience.
Some wear a ski mask at dusk without it pricking their conscience.

The street us a jungle in the city
Unlike the jungle they don’t prey on one another
The stalls houses their shadows
You can see the erectness of their shadows
Like the reptiles creeping into the houses.
Without roofs, windows and doors
The nights breeze gives cold comfort
Yet waging peaceful war against their body

The vampires ravage their skins with straws.
Singing sweet agonizing tunes without any flaw
Sucking their blood with obligation and in return giving them gift
A gift in return, capable of ending their lives without a rift.

The street, a school to many
Knowledge found, knowledge,the hardway gained
Survival so pertinent, they disregard that silent voice,
And their hands are stained
The garage, the road, the crevices and the hood, good enough for a class
The fights, the burglary, the unwanted pregnancy,
Leading to being baby mamas, enough to earn a credit or pass.

Inspite of the torture existence doles out to them
Existence says, it is not enough
Victims and candidates for ritual sacrifices
Victims of mistaken identity leading to death
Victims if destiny damage and mental obstruction
Targets for the overtly ambitiousvand greedy souls
Weapons in the hands of the underworld who chose the broadway to riches without control

Inspite of the harshness of the street.
The street has dreams
It gives you the right to dream; some fufill theirs
Some just become fading stars

Some leave a space for regrets by paying the
Price promptly for parading capitulation
Some are debtors to death
Because a way out, gave death

Circumstances makes a man
Challenges gives you a stand
Do you care to be patient and intelligent enough to find out what it takes to make something of it.
This is coming from the thought of my pen; not my mouth.
Because the street gives you alot to think about

9 thoughts on “The street” by Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

  1. nice one. but a lot of spelling errors

  2. Nice! I love this ode to street, street being home of the homeless. Kudos!!!

  3. Whoa,,, I’ve never thought of this but the street made alot of people who they are today whether good or bad we must credit it in some form.

    Lovely piece.

  4. @THAPRINCE. Nice piece, love this line ” the thought of my pen not my mouth “

  5. (@ufuomaotebele): Glad dat I beat you first to it.The eight verse made mention of that and you are on point with your comment. Thanks for reading.
    (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY): You are right bout dat. Thanks for reading
    (@danjuma):Yes oh. Na ma pen dey talk. Thanks for reading

  6. This was a nice and insightful poem; but truly, some errors did detract from the pleasure of reading it.

    Line 1: insert colon after “street”.

    Line 11: *violent*
    line 14: the street *is*
    line15: (But,) unlike the jungle (,)
    line37: victims *of*

    Haste got the better of you.

  7. (@anakadrian): Nah I wasnt really in a haste?cos it jas been on my system for sometime now. Staring too much at the screen sometimes makes me not to see or notice some tiny details dat has to do wit errors. I wish I had an editor

    Buh I dnt think this errors were so much dat u cudnt get the beauty or message of the poem. U noticed four outta a 45 line poem. This shudnt be enuf to dissuade u from aving a good read. Just saying oh.

    Thanks for the correction bro and also for stopping by.

  8. this is the kind of poem I love to read, study and analyse…I have read some of your works and I am most times never disappointed but inspired…great work…very beautifully crafted poem.
    Now, I am being technical like my profession Engineering here…I have a problem with the personification because the street seems not consistent …it moves from being just a place to a being then somewhat nice then turns cold yet giving wisdom…sometimes on the fence…I can only conclude that the street is fashionlike and wears many colours of fabrics.

    lastly, line 3&4 of verse 4 doesn’t connect for me o…erection and reptile creeping (how plausible?)…wrong use of speech.

    but in all…I am inspired by this because I intend to write on the street of Lagos.

  9. (@laworemike): Hmmmmmmm..First of, gratidtude for reading it. And I am filled with glee that you appreciate my work. I am trying to improve everyday.

    Just like you I am also an Engineer and I like to analyse things too. I get your point as regards the 3rd and 4th line of 4. But you are not totally correct. Somehow you are looking at the literal meaning of that line. Its deeper than tht. It may not sound plausible to you buh it is to some.

    This poem was inspired by a neighbour of mine and that was wen I was a teenager some 15yrs
    ago. His father drove him out of the house for stealing his money which he spent on most of us then without our knowledge sha. We had no idea he was stealing and we didnt ask where he got the money from.

    He ended up sleeping in garage cos he dropped out of school and started to be a bus conductor. He slept in stalls, the verandah where his dad stayed.

    I was paintibg a picture there. He slept in stalls wen the owners had left. I still kniw a few pple now dat make the street their home and for them there will be no place like home for them except the street.

    Also I agree wityour analysis as regards the progression of the street from bein a place to been a being. That was the idea. I didnt want to make it a stereotype cos really thats how the street is.

    Thanks again for reading. Pls do more of wat you have done wen you are reading my works.
    And I pray my works keep on impressing you.

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