The Stand Still

It’s late. I’m staying out late tonight. I need this walk to get my head right. I have been thinking about her all day, how she made me cry the first time I met her.

Naked I was yet she didn’t clothe me rather she told me that I’ll get a cloth if I wanted one. It was cold and I was naked too, it was unbearable maybe that was why I let out that cry the first time I met her.

She was all I had and all I ever wanted. Oh! I can’t really say she was all I ever wanted because I had no choice, had no other alternatives to choose from.

Eventually I got a cloth to clothe myself and also stopped myself from crying as she looked at me and smiled and said “You’re getting a hang of it boy, I’m impressed”. I gave a nod and left but she wasn’t letting go of me just yet. She walked behind me or rather she walked side by side me till this moment.

I decided to take this walk because I have being sleeping all day or rather lying in bed thinking all day. I was thinking about how I got up from the bed, stood in the middle of the room because I was thirsty, I walked towards the refrigerator and pulled on the handle as the fresh cold air fell on my face and filled my nostrils then, I looked in, in search of water and to my greatest dismay, there was no water in the refrigerator. Oh! There was no water in the refrigerator because I forgot I never had a refrigerator in the first place.

So slowly I turned and walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cup from the cup rack and placed my hand on the tap as I contemplate on drinking either tap water or packaged bottled water. I chose the tap water over the bottled water because I needed a ‘fresh and running’ water instead of a stagnant bottled water. I drank the ‘fresh and running’ tap water to my full and replaced the cup to the rack and walked back to my bed.

I woke up from my daydream or rather my ‘sleep thinking’ and found myself standing at the entrance to the kitchen with a burning thirst and not being able to go into the kitchen and have a drink. I tried moving forward but my legs didn’t budge. They didn’t move. I struggled some more yet no movement. It felt like my legs were pinned to the ground and I wasn’t even able to shake them let alone move.

So basically I’m not staying out late tonight, it’s all in my head; my daydream.
Alas! I have become like the stagnant bottled water in my daydream instead of the ‘fresh and running’ water I thought I drank. This is exactly how my life is right now – seeing what I desire and not being able to grab it.
The ‘girl’ I have being thinking about all day is my Life, we met at my birth; when I was naked and crying. The refrigerator meant the choice things in life that I never had.

3 thoughts on “The Stand Still” by Chikaleaks (@chikathrill)

  1. namdi (@namdi)

    I initially thought the ‘she’ could be the narrator’s mother–a cruel mother. Thankful that the end part brought a timely correction.

  2. Well-told but has spurts of potential serialized plotting and development….

  3. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    wow! see the way it ended. most of us have that refridgerator in our lives. #pensive

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