The One – Prologue

Joshua’s eyes browsed through the city from his bedroom window upstairs. It had been a cold evening. The darkened sky let out incessant roarings. There had just been a tremendous cloudburst. The staccato rhythms played by the rains on the roof had just been quelled, drifting away for a cold wind accompanied by drizzles. Lightening bolts appeared now and then from amongst the dark misty clouds in the sky. Josh gazed at the city from his window. Cars ran past the main roads with their breaklights all shinning bright and their windscreen wipers wiping frantically. The untarred roads were terribly saturated and had become really silky. Josh watched people slip on careless steps, some cars were stuck in the mud. Lower parts of buildings had been painted brown as a result of the the bombardment of raindrops on the soil which splashed remarkable amounts of earth on them. Weak roofs had been blown off by the boisterous wind. Josh watched the victims of this disaster as they gazed at their drenched properties, speechless and confused. Some of them were running away with some belongings which they considered important. Josh wondered where they could possibly be heading to at such a belated hour of the day. Still in the wonderworld was he when the unco-ordinated rhythms began playing on the roofs again, in a more ferocious manner this time. The wind became colder and its fierceness augmented. The sky let out loud wails as its uncontrollable tears descended on the earth. The torrents were heavy and harsh and Joshua could no more leave his head out a second longer. He quickly shut the window and lay in his bed.
Sleep wasn’t coming. Josh teetered from one side of the big divan bed to the other. And when he was a bit stable, all his mind could picture was the ceiling, bloody. He wasn’t at peace. Trepidation had engulfed his mind and his soul was consumed in melancholy.
And suddenly, the bloody revolting scary figure of Caleb surfaced. He was coming towards him with a grubby knife in his crispy right hand. He looked so satanic! He had a mischievous smile on his face which exposed his teeth which were soaked in blood. Blood dripped from his body and splashed on the floor. And then his face was creased into a terrifying frown.
“He’s going to maul me for sure” Joshua quivered in fright
“Somebody help me!” his scream alerted his parents and immediately, they were at his door, his father, banging with his might.
“Son, are you okay?” Oliver called out, still hitting the door of the bedroom.
“He’ll kill me dad! He’ll kill me!” his screams were growing louder.
Oliver broke the door open, but there was only Josh in there.
“Sweetheart, there’s no one here save you” It was Alice, his mother, her face was strained in confusion.
All the while, he had covered his face with his pillow and was pointing towards the door. He slowly removed the pillow. There had been no Caleb, and his door had been locked; his keys were lying exactly were he had left them about thirty minutes ago; he had been hallucinating. It was just one of the crazy fantasies that had been coming up in his head ever since his horrible shocking experience. Before storming out of the room, Oliver’s burning stare went first to his son and then to the door he had just destroyed for nothing worth it. Josh broke into tears and sobbed like a baby while his mother tried to console him, she seemed to understand what the young man was going through.
And it continued like that until it was dawn, fantasies and fantasies.

The rays of the sun gave warmth to the earth by morning the next day. The rains of the last night had however left some remarkable scars on various parts of the city. The soil was totally drenched. Some dying leaves had sprung up to life while some others had been destroyed. Many farms were completely flooded and some others glowed in luminous green under the bright sunshine, and back at his position on the window, Josh watched the owners of such farmlands as they chattered happily with their family members, parambulating their farms with an air of satisfaction. Somewhere else in the city, some children were taking into their houses, buckets which they had stationed outside the previous night, which were now filled with water. Flashy cars ran through the major roads and commercial buses too, workers were heading to their workplaces. It was a wednesday and school children chattered happily as they journeyed to their various schools, their school bags jamming their backs now and then. A wry smile escaped his lips as he reminisced at his days in secondary school. His reminiscence was then interrupted as his eyes rested upon the the twins who were happily playing as they journeyed to their school. It struck a sour note and constrained him into delving into his dark past.

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