Tales of Lakin


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Chidinma’s plot

Lakin wanted to speak but couldn’t find the right words to use. How was he going to explain what happened? Who would believe him if he said it wasn’t intentional? Even the gods wouldn’t believe him…

It had been the latest hour of the night after his return from his fruitless visit to Maduka’s residence to profess his undying love and intentions for their daughter, Chikere only to be slapped in the face with the news of her betrothal to Mazi Okonkwo. Flabbergasted and unable to contain his immense sorrow, Lakin had swaddled into Ichie Obumneme’s palm wine parlor to drown his bitterness in alcohol, little did he know a guest would be waiting for him in his hut.

“Mama said I should come and see you” Chidinma said getting up from the bed with her wrapper almost falling to the ground as he shambled into his hut, high on palm wine.

Lakin averted his eyes, cursing beneath his breath.

Bia Nne, I don’t understand you o!” Lakin lamented falling into his bamboo bed “Was it not your mother who told me that you will soon be married to that small man…eheemm…Ichie Okonkwo in two moons time. Which one is you should come and see me again? Biko Si ebe a pa!” Lakin lamented but suddenly decided …..No, no! Ndo…bia….It’s not that I do not like the fact that you are here..mhmmhm…Mba!… I want you here, it’s just that…” he paused as he began to struggle with his waist rope as he tried to rip it off his waist.

Chidinma giggled and began to help him undress.

“See my nwa o! You are helping me undress. Hmm, Chiki, don’t let your mother catch you o!” he teased, then stopped abruptly and began to stare at Chidinma’s cleavages which were shooting out of the wrapper tied loosely around her chest.

“Ehemm, Chiki, I think you should go home o, because I do not think I am in my right senses now because the chest I am seeing in front of me do not look like your own or has it gotten bigger overnight like Ifeoma’s?” Lakin asked rubbing his palm on her cheek.

“Lakin, it is not Chikere. It is me Chidinma” Chidinma corrected, putting both his legs on the bed and trying to hide the smirk dancing on her lips.

“Chikere, Chidinma, aren’t you both the same person? Biko, come closer my friend, let me see you well to tell if you have turned to a tortoise that always tell lies” he teased pulling her lips into his. The kiss was warm and alluring and he didn’t know when he pulled her closer and dug deeper with his hands tearing off her wrapper…….

“So it is true” Chikere cried out in frustration jolting him back from memory lane. “You deflowered her? Why? Why Lakin?”

“Chiki…I…I” Lakin stammered as he felt his eye bags begin to well up.

“Now you cannot find your tongue, Lakin?” Chikere asked angrily “what is it I did wrong that you chose my sister over me?”

“Chiki, I didn’t choose her over you. I swear it. Let Amadioha strike me if I lie” Lakin pleaded as he dipped his finger on the tip of his tongue and pointed it to the sun but paused abruptly as his glance fell on four hefty men dressed as the Igwe’s guards marching majestically towards them with cutlasses and sticks on their shoulders and arms. Lakin alarmed, pushed Chikere behind him and watched helplessly as the men spread about them and began to dish out orders.

“Lakin! You are wanted in the palace” the heftiest amongst them, obviously the group’s leader announced loudly.

“Me? For what? What is my offense?” Lakin asked half afraid and half strong headed. He had heard and seen tales of what these men could do to targets like him. All the muscles locked up in their painted chest and arms were not for decoration, these he knew for a fact. They were regarded as the deadest men to joke around with. Wasn’t it this one whose lips were as dark as coal and eyes as red as blood the same person that almost broke Ichie Okonkwo’s back few seasons ago in the wresting ground? The one who was even their speaker was rumored to have slaughtered many virgin heads during the last Igwe’s funeral and was well known to be the present Igwe’s executioner. The third and fourth he knew nothing about but their hefty chest and large legs were enough reputation to respect.

Lakin shivered at the thought but he would be damned if they didn’t tell him what his atrocity was, before taking him anywhere…at least he deserved that.

“Onwu! Is conversing now part of our job?” Ajọmmụọ the red eyed one as he was popularly known barked at his leader.

“I tire o” another yelled out in agreement.

“Biko let’s carry this fool to the palace and stop waiting time” Ajọmmụọ insisted as he began to push Lakin towards the path leading to the palace. The other two joined using their sticks on him with Lakin shrieking at the top of his voice. The fourth threw Chikere on the shoulder, with her screaming and kicking as he marched behind them……………….

To be continued…..

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