Strike Me No More …

Strike me no more, I plead

For I am the mother of your children

Your wife , your lover, your helper ,

Your friend , your rock and your sanctuary

I have shared and carried your burden

Forgiven your humanness without judgment

And loved you unconditionally

Strike me no more , I plead


My tears are not a pretty sight

For our children to behold

As they hide in fear and watch me beg for mercy

As you strike my body

With a weapon, your hands, your boots  and spit at me

As I lie pregnant and helpless on the cold floor

My body an umbrella to protect our young and unborn

Strike me no more, I plead


I will not rise to strike you in revenge

Least I strike you dead

And render our children fatherless

While I bask in the peace of your departure

And ignore the accusing fingers pointing at me

Strike me no more I plead


For one day , I would be forced to strike back

With deadly repercussions

With the hand that bears our wedding band

4 thoughts on “Strike Me No More …” by OLUNOSEN a.k.a #SimpleEsanGirl (@ooluss)

  1. olamiotan (@olamiotan)

    Waow, I love it. So true, most times when the person at the receiving end of pain decides to retaliate, it could be way worse than what was inflicted because it has been accumulated for so long.

  2. Emmanuel Ezeagwu (@Ezeagwu)

    Excellent content! Poor execution.
    Try to improve on your ‘literary’ language. I see potential.

  3. Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

    When poetry is written with too many spaces inbetween each lines it doesnt bring out the beauty in the poem.

    Every line is linked. The lines make up the verse. I know that there is no rule as regards versification in poetry but for beauty sake and arrangement the spacing shud be reduced

    Its all goooood. Lovely message.

  4. There are limits to what one can endure.
    The question that has defied all answers is ‘why do men beat their wives’? To amount of answers seem reasonable enough, believe me.

    Nice one dear @ooluss. I like. It’s emotion packed, and real.

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