Roll With The Punches

Roll With The Punches

Born not a fighter but we are made one.
The womb was the arena.
The labour was the battle.
‘Choice made not because we want to make them,
But made because we have to make them.
A wrong one, will deal us blows,
With great precision and intolerance……..Life
A tug of war, peace unfanthomable…….strife

Still you have to roll with the punches.

Not ready to play fair
Your challengers….failure and capitulation
‘Jab, right cross, jab’, we are caught on the chin.
Blurry vision, blindingly white, like being in a trance
Our feet wants to buckle, we fail our hands
And permit it to take us…………….Sands

Yet, we have to roll with the punches.

Ill equipped, ill skilled and ill strenght
Side step, side step we unluckily evade it.
Ill footwork we are caught with a left hook.
Our face to the canvas…..K.O

They jeer at us
Wantibg us not to get up
In black and white stripes, the count starts…..Time
It refuses to wait
Time will not wait
Yet we need to rol with the punches.

Determination hastens our recovery.
On our feets we are.
Our face grotesque from the assault
Cornered we are
Like a predator, He stalks us……. fear and anxiety.
Ready to goin for the kill.
Fist unclaspsed in the gloves……Capitulation
It does alot to dispels the force in our punch…..Trepidation
Feeling the heat unable to freeze it.
Yet at the end of it all, just roll with the punches.

Put on your gloves and throw some punches.
Life is a battle, don’t limp. Throw away your crutches.
On your face don’t lay flat.
Don’t run, be better than a rat.
No matter the jabs life throws at us.
Lets receive it without any fuss.
And step it up a few notches,
Because no matter what may come our way, just keep on rolling with the punches.

7 thoughts on “Roll With The Punches” by Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

  1. i kinda really liked it. I tot i was actually reading a boxing fight……..nice work bro

  2. (@oloye): I just used it as a metaphor. Life is a battle and punches wil come right, left and centre. Do you throw in the towel and say I give up or you put on your gloves and show the world that you are a fighter.

    I was just painting a picture but there was no fighting in the poem.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. first…very good work.
    second..not properly edited…spotted some errors here and there.
    third…the fun of reading got diminishing as I was not as strong as the previous verse…I also fall in here too (my poems)…I think you are good and it is just a rush work. The last *verse* revamped the excitement but not as strong as the first *verse*

    You really put creativity into your works…Engineers think differently I guess…we know how to manipulate ideas.

  4. @thaprince i wasnt exactly saying i was reading a boxing fight I felt like it and thats all thanks to your knowledge of boxing terms and my imagination because i pictured in my head the things being personified as someone beating someone else. Well done again

  5. (@oloye): Yeah! I understand. I had to do abit of research when I wanted to write it.

    Thanks man for the commentt and also for reading it.

    Am grateful.

  6. Yea, I agree with @laworemike. I guess you’re an engineer too. WE engineers write differently…I once said something like that @thaprince ??
    There were some ‘tiny’ errors you kinda overlooked though. ‘Unfanthomable’ should be ‘unfathomable.’
    I think the ellipses should have been preferably four dots which are evenly spaced, since there are complete sentences before them. That’s the rule anyway, you would probably not be asked in exams. I do ignore the rule until lately. . . . if the preceding sentence is incomplete, three evenly spaced dots are used.
    @laworemike is right. The beginning was good, but reading on the flavour was kinda lost until the last lines though. The last verse is my favourite. The last three lines did it for me, maybe because of the timely rhyme. The refrain “. . .you have to roll with the punches” had a beautiful effect on the poem too.

    Good job, poet

  7. (@praize): Thanks for that education. I really didnt know that. Thanks for that.

    It was difficult writing this poem cos at first I was having difficulty trying to place the idea and not miss the message that I was trying to pass across.

    I guess thats why what you observed came to fore.

    I am glad you loved the last line. I always try to end my poems properly.

    Gratitude for reading and for the education.

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