Holy Rant

Holy Rant

I am the Church.
You are the church
the building is a church,
we are a gathering of churches
uniting in a church.

I am the bride
you are the bride
we are a gathering of brides
in a perfect union with our groom

I am the head
you are the head
we are heads
and we have one body,

I am an apple
you are an apple
we are apples of his eyes
a work of perfection
an enviable cynosure
we are His

I am a church
you are a church
which the gate of hades
cannot comprehend.

We are one
bound in love
unto good works
we are His.

One thought on “Holy Rant” by Maureen Alikor (@Wailingink)

  1. Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

    I love the title of this poem but you didnt do justice to it. The title did it for me more than the poem. There was more that the title desired from you but you didnt give it to it.

    ‘Holy Rant’, this should have come as a satire.

    I was expecting the poem to be something of a criticism about the christian society but I didnt find wat I was expecting. It is meant to be a rant. Your tone was soft and indifferent.

    The poem lacked power and conviction.

    I wish you would re-write it. Propabaly with a title similar to this.

    Keep on writing.

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