Good bye

Good bye

It my epilogue, its time to say goodbye.
Darkness hovers over me.
Even at dawn.
Out of their mouths, the rites I must perform.
In open declaration, the oath I want to break
I want my dawn and not dusk.
The safety of the Uzi is on; I’m done pulling the trigger.
My humanity on, I’m done taking the life of another.

I did it with glee, but my soul wasn’t me.
In mayhem,I did not flee,
but in causing mayhem I had a degree.
A harbinger of bloodshed
To death I watched souls, as they bled.
On people’s fears I fed
Now, I am not at rest with the life that I had led.
I wish my existence could be ended with a single ‘Lead’
Creator with you I want to break words and not bread.

A choice I have made,
A choice; farewell, I don’t want to bade.
Those mothers who attended their sons laying to rest.
Those fathers who pleaded for mercy as I put the lead through their chest.
Those daughters who wailed as I took away their virtue.
My once perfidious soul, now goes out to you all, I beg you.

Peace I seek,tranqulity and closure I seek.
Forgiveness, I seek not; justice for your pains and tears I seek.

This justice will not bring them back.
But wicked and inhumane souls will be better; for creation to lack.

As I leave this world, I hope and pray He accepts me in the next.
As I leave this world, I hope my comrades will heed to this call.
I wish they would stop playing with slugs.
I know I don’t deserve it, but heaven I need a lot of kisses and hugs.
As the hangman tightens the knot
I feel the fire of death getter hot
Its taking me away, dimming away the light of my beacon.
Over there I hope I meet the thief on the left hand side and Abraham Lincoln.

6 thoughts on “Good bye” by Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

  1. @THAPRINCE. Remorseful and penitential. I just wish boko haram members, armed robbers and assassins can read this and be moved by the powerful emotions in this poem. Good job.

  2. (@danjuma): Yes sir. I wish they could read this. The horrible sone pple dig their hands into.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. You wrote this well. Some lines were robbed of their actual context though because you wanted rhymes. I don’t know what ‘Abraham Lincoln’ is doing at the last line too. Generally, everyone would expect Abraham Lincoln to be at the ‘right side..’ Why would he expect him Abraham to be in hell? That I don’t understand, there are other words (that would rhyme with beacon) that might have ‘polished’ the message you want to pass than ‘Lincoln.’
    The ‘degree’ you used to continue the rhyme scheme of ‘flee and glee’ also disrupted your ‘poetic metre.’ For me, it did change the taste.
    But the message was clear, passionate, regretful..the words you used glaring described the ‘repenting-agony’ he was passing through. Beautiful message.

    Good job.

  4. (@praize): Thanks for ur comment. Buh it wasn’tcos of rhymes thats why I concluded it with the former president of USA.

    I did my research on him and in as much I cant totally say he is in hell, you also cant say he is not there as well. Thats that about that sha.

    As regards the rhyme; ‘glee’ rhymed with ‘me’,
    While ‘flee’, rhymed with ‘degree’.
    Its just dat degree is a two syllable word. I really do not see the disruption here.

    Am glad you got the message and I appreciate your analysis. It will make me to analyse my works more when I am writing.

    Praise be unto Mr Praize.


  5. Lol..the fact that I bear ‘praize’ doesn’t mean I deserve praise all the time. Many Ns writers say that often these days. As for ‘degree,’ I don’t think you get my point that well. Apart from breaking the flow of ‘abstract aura’ the poem had from the beginning, it distrupted the metre of the poetry. You can make some research on ‘Metre in poetry’ to understand better.
    When I say ‘abstract aura,’ some poems have this way of being so glaringly clear to the reader but in a way create an imaginary gulf between the poet’s world and the reader’s creating a sense of longing and a THIRST TO UNDERSTAND and be part of the poet’s world. The word ‘degree’ kinda broke that aura for me…it is a word used in the academic world and somehow just didn’t conform with that ‘abstract aura.’ That’s just my view anyway, poets can wave poetic license at anything thrown at them, that’s just one of the beauty of poetry too. I don’t know if other ‘poets’ do echo my thoughts, all minds aren’t the same-just my reservations about the poem..but as I do say, EVERY POEM IS A MASTERPIECE.

    This is beautiful

  6. (@praize): I was just praising your analysis.

    ‘I did it with glee, but my soul wasn’t me.
    In mayhem,I did not flee,
    but in causing mayhem I had a degree.’

    You are looking at the literal meaning of the word ‘degree’, not as it was used in the poem. Dat word as used can have alot of literary meaning deoending on your interpretation.

    As regards metre, I have aittle knowledge bout.
    It has to do with stress of the syallables in words. Like I said earlier, I still cant notice in that part of the poem.

    Also I dnt think metre has anything to do with imagery.

    Its not every writer that makes use od every literary device
    Everything comes with what message thayou want to preach.Its the reception and feedback that is of essence.

    Like you said I will do more reading on metre as regards stress patterns in poetry.

    Gratitude bro. Ur comment is welcome anyday anytime.

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