Fate of Our Dreams

Fate of Our Dreams

When in life we first cried
The elders said we tried
And while we yet grow up
We felt so free
Till our height ascended up
And our features like branches of tree

Then we got to stopping point
Facing challenges so red like Hell
We only had a league saying, “Don’t!”
How do we fight if they don’t bid farewell

Young battalions saw the burning
With the advice, took off running
Leaving behind their lovely dreams
Forming a backward running team

When they saw it was all torture
They planned running back: “Oh, dear future.”
When integrity should make us optimistic
They rejoice because we follow convention
Not minding our billion-dollar invention

And so, our perspective is burst
To the ocean, innovation is lost
Life then becomes a world in a cage
Of waiting monthly for meager wage

Oh, young kids, what advice do I have?
Never bury your dreams in a cave.
Who knows, you might be the next to make a mark
That’ll never be forgotten ‘cause it’s so dark.
With that, the world’ll shove at you
Anything you want and shout, “Just you!”

And if you’ve been on the path
Bearing for long all the dart
Don’t worry, it lingers: a reckoning day
When you’ll be honored, you won’t know what to say

Oh, you want to serve the world?
And make some nobodies your lord?
If that’s so, my sincere condolence
You can’t—take pre-eminence

For me, I don’t care what they say:
The leading orders of the day
I’ll storm the challenge as if in battle
And crown series of victory that dazzle
So strong that critics will blast,
“Welcome warrior. Your salvation at last!”

2 thoughts on “Fate of Our Dreams” by Abraham (@Abra4real)

  1. Like I love life
    I love your rhyme
    sweeter than grime
    and a limey thyme….

    1. Abraham (@Abra4real)

      Though it took me time before I reply to your comment, I’m deeply happy that you did, and I hope you won’t mind forgiving me.

      However, I ain’t that good a poet, but I just try it out. So, we can say, this is one of my best poems. I dislike but don’t hate poems without rhyme and rythm.

      I plan to write a poem of equal syllables on every line. If I can do that, I’d start considering poetry the more.


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