Worst Pain That I Ever Had

Worst Pain That I Ever Had

I beg forgiveness if this ends as a babble.
I will try not to as Me and my thoughts, try to haggle.
Darkness held sway, my nights no longer dawning.
Cupid struck wrong, at me; it kept on clowning.
In the ocean deep, head deeping and sinking; I was drowing.
Time creeping away. Aimless reasoning. I have lost count; no more counting.
Bland insinuations and sour notions, when her I lost.
Not to another man, but to the bosom of death’s frost.
I bled as the blade glided through her chest.
I aided death; death I aided.

Mortality my only weakness.
Mortality my only freeness.
His life gave He for us. I wish I was there as witness.

Tears transformed into blood, blood into tears.
Our bond dead and broken.
Death, I am after you; running faster than Usain Bolt-en

Cupid, you’ve given me thoughts insane.
Because of you her name is no longer a refrain.
Cupid, you thought you were cautious.
Cupid, to Julia you became so perfidious.

If only she went with the ‘Revelation’ to the grave.
If only I was bold and also tried to be abit brave.
Then, rest assured will my soul be,
Because I will be glad of the fact that my love for her will rest with thee.
But words unsaid ; I gave it no voice.
Reality dreams and fantasy.
I made it all to be fallacy.
Because, ‘We’, I thought, could never be together.
Because, Me, I thought, as your half, I will never be better.

Fusion of hearts, entwined and destined. Inside, I am dying slowly.
To love through the end if time; No! Waiting for cupid to fnish up the job it started, briskly.
I am waiting for that thin line between open rage and illusion.
To carry out vengeance on death without any inhibition.

I don’t want to be relieved of the pain.
It is what keeps me, going; I’ll slain.
I listen to the symphony that cowardice plays me.
I seek unjust justice against silence, as I watch it mock me.
I felt my declaration might destroy our plantonic.
I see her elating and enchanting smile; but its all in my thoughts; cupid’s antic.

As I stare at the rope around the fan; I know, coming soon will be relief.
Surely the pain is going to be brief.
Surely the world, for me, will not grief.
Julia, I am on my way to tell you what I stuttered to say to you for years.
I allowed circumstances rule my heart; I gave in to fears.

As I descend, I know I’ll meet you again.
As I descend, I know its not all going to be in vain.
As I descend, in your pause, Cupid, you are free to count it gain.
As I descend, Cupid on your hands, its going to be that stain.

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