The Other Side Of Your Love

I woke up
On this side of your love
Where your shoulder slouches
And your fidelity sleeps
On lascivious laps
Kissing plastic lips

I felt your heart
Beat to a drunken rhythm
With feet like stuporous staggering stilts
When you were high on booze
Mind separate from body
If not yours then whose?

I woke up
To this absence of your presence
Before the morning sun.
To the emptiness engulfing your space
The words that filled your silence
When you turned from my face.

Your heart fought to be free from mine
Like I fought to be wrenched from your grasps
and your breath taking choke holds

I woke up
To slaps and punches now a regular dose
I remember those times of bunches of red petal rose
And your silver promises of love
Now becomes curses
Pouring in unchecked overdose

I woke up
to a murdered love
Slipped otapiapia into your meal
Because I have had enough
Of being on
The other side of your love

5 thoughts on “The Other Side Of Your Love” by kay (@Kay0496)

  1. Otapiapia? That’s murder! U should be charged…who kills for that purpose in this era?
    Nice one @KAY0496

  2. @KAY0496. Sad but written well. This is truly the other side of love.

  3. Kool. Liked the flow.

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