The Hangman

At the edge of the cliff she stood.
Conflicting emotions.
Cascading notions.
Sweet bitter memories unable to lend healing to her wounds.
The scars still lay bare.
The result of a torturous emotional farce.
Laid with deceptive sweetness.
Believing they came with sunshine and rain,
To crystalize and sublime her hurt and pain.
On a winning streak they are.
Dealing her blows with stealth and intensity.
Enough to lay her to internal rest for all eternity.
Free, yet imprisoned.
An empty soul with nothing to fill it up except,
Promised eternal love but they threw her to the
With shut wide eyes; she jumps abruptly waiting for it all to end.
For it all to end so that her soul can trascend into the next life. Yes! transcend.
She opens her eyes prepared to be ushered into
eternal rest.
But she is not at heaven’s gate.
She is given hope and mercy
She is alive on earthly state.
Anger enveloping her with so much hate.
She takes a swipe at fate.
But there was a presence.
The presence was not a scam.
It felt so strong and surreal.
Someone existed, not a poltergeist.
His touch was stimulatingly assuring.
Resurrecting dead and buried emotions that she
thought extinct.
Now she knew why time stood still.
She understood why it had not ended.
Rage and anger so palpable replacing the volatile
feelings earlier.
She turned to inquire him of this deed.
She saw no one,except the fluffiness of her pillow.
It was all in her state of temporary unconsciousness, sleep.
Hope profound than the the Deep Blue Sea.
Six years of anxiety started to melt away like ice.
Was it an Angel? The thought lingered.
Time was running out and love not yet in sight.
Yet she will wait for Him to bring back the light.
It was four a.m and hope became her greatest fan.
That day marked the day of revival and sunny days of happiness and the triumph of not giving in to the, ‘Hangman,’Suicide’.

Temi, thanks for listening cos I almost lost
you.Glad that you are still here.Love will find you soon.

2 thoughts on “The Hangman” by Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

  1. I like that. The concept of ‘love’ and ‘mercy’ thriumphing. Nice work

  2. Hmmm!
    This kind poem sef…
    It keeps dribbling me.
    I wish I can get the gist, which seems a herculean task for me.

    The lines flow well though I think I need some light shed on it.

    Nice @thaprince

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