The Similes of Life

The Similes of Life

Life blows like breeze
Sometimes breeze blows softly
Other times it billows stormily
For better or worse, more grease
To your elbows, never say die

Life falls like rain
At times, flooding with destruction
Other times flowing with benediction
Hence blame not much; look at the gain
That will fall like an unclouded rainfall

Life changes like weather
Sometimes rainy without ceasing
Other times sunny without reason
So unstable as Chameleon without feather
But be still and steel your faith for better

3 thoughts on “The Similes of Life” by SUNNYDEMAJESTY (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY)

  1. ebiesmusings (@eberenwosu)

    I love the message in the poem. Life is unpredictable…But never give up.

  2. #nevergiveup!
    Motivational @sunnydemajesty

  3. six (@six)

    I ditto what @Chime221 said, motivational it is. The flow is on point too, sensible and coherent rhymes. Nice one @sunnydemajesty

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