When it rains

When those tears
wield up,
with shaky hands
I brush her aside.

When she seeks freedom
from the bottle,
I shut her out.

Why must she flow now?
Why must she bare my heart
to a waiting world
known for mockery
than for helping.

But then,
when she fights for freedom
I let her have her right.

If she must flow
to clean my heart,
let her flow into the
open arms of rivers.

Let her rush freely
not minding mockery.

Let her gush out
into the deep pool of courage
unaided by pity.

When the tears seek freedom,
let her have it.
It’s all she has
to prove she lives on.

8 thoughts on “When it rains” by Maureen Alikor (@Wailingink)

  1. @WAILINGINK. OMG this is a wonderful piece. At first I thought you were talking about a girl until I got to the part that revealed the true subject of the poem ” tears “. Excellent piece.

    1. Mamman, it is indeed a pleasure to have you read me, It could be a girl. If you see it so, you may be right. Thank you for your encouraging words,

  2. Sweet piece @wailingink

    You did well

    1. Chimee221, thank you for reading and supporting

  3. Nowadays, everybody’s tryna come off as cold and indifferent; go against the grain, show a little emotion, show it hurts, show you care, ain’t nothing wrong widdit.Apt one @wailingink

    1. Six, true. Show of emotions such as crying is now seen as a child’s thing but truly, we all should cry once in a while to relieve us of some stuck in hurt. Thank you for reading and understanding.
      There is nothing wrong in shedding some tears.

    1. Onome thank you for reading i appreciate,

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