They Met, They Loved And They Married.

My feelings are words unspeakable. How do I say this?
How do I say it? So that the point, I don’t miss.
I don’t know how they met.
I hope mum, didn’t make dad sweat?
Stop loving each other, No! They are not about to stop yet.
Inspite of the storm, such I pray to get.

They met, they loved, they married.
During the boring and uninteresting times; for each other their love tarried.
In affextionate and reciprocated love they bore me.
Mountains in front of them; away, they did not give me.
Oh yes! Boldly I say it; away, they did not give me; into the hands of abortion
They did not enslave me into the hands of domestic slavery and deprivation.
Deprived; was I ?
Isn’t the answer obvious when you look at I.

Its an honour and priviledge being your daughter.
You are my present past; Oh death! I praty thee to falter.

Mom, you are the blueprint of what I wish to be.
Dad, my love for you is not abstract,
Its something that I want you to see with so much fact.

What you have done for me, from you I won’t stray; I pray.
This poem is not only to say, I love you.
But its to say I idolize and adore you.
I love you in more ways than one.
I love you and my path is already on the run.
I love you and I don’t mind standing in front of a gun.
I love you and soon you will see your grandson.

Bisoye I hope you read this gal. This is for your folks as requested.

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  1. Chai!
    This is so sweet @thaprince
    More ink to your pen

  2. Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

    Thanks bro

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