Dreams; wishing for wishes that will yield our want.
Getting your desires at the snap of your fingers.
What a dream that would be?

The father who didn’t get what he wanted from his
Masculinity, the continuity of manhood he will lack all his life.

Sometimes It becomes a vision, hard to fulfill.
Imagination, hard to conceal when given life. Fulfillment to reality, its something that you must steal.

An ocean drops of sweat.
A life time of fufillment to get.
How ironic.

Not yet a visionary.
In his sleep his wishes legendary.

Reality he escapes from.
Complascency cascading unfufilled waters and

Beyond our wishes lets wish, hope and believe.
Lets Hope that our tables are filled with three square meals.

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  1. Singing Drake’s “Dreams Money Can Buy”

    Nice one @thaprince

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