Divorced Love

Divorced Love

Paradise’s lost, innocence vanquished
I regret each love ballad I ever sang
Each desire I ever knew

That I were free of this burden
This burden called life
Life that binds, gags, frees
perpetually on repeat
If I stay, I grieve
Otherwise, I agonise

This bed’s cold, the hearts moved
The vehicle’s disintegrated
The driver’s disinterested

4 thoughts on “Divorced Love” by jollyone (@jollyone)

  1. This is sad as it is bad.
    Can’t the persona find anything worthy with life?
    To me o, life is very sweet and good, it all depends on the passenger.
    If the vehicle is disintegrated and the driver disinterested, for Christ’s sake alight and look for another. That’s how to live life. If your horse is dead, come down and move on.

    I like this

  2. Nnedu. Gideon (@gmoney)

    @Chime221 what is what killed your horse or disintegrated your vehicle left you crippled, what happens?

    1. Yes @gmoney , it’s a possibility, but then, there’s always a way out.
      Cripples do crawl, right?

      The thing is, much as the poem tries to bring to the fore, the trauma experienced when love is lost and heart broken, I’m trying to say that it should not be the end of the road.
      So long as one is not left dead by life’s ups and downs, one should always look out for the brighter side of life.
      Nice one again @jollyone

  3. Lol @Chime221, you are right about the eventual conclusion, moving on. But with this poem, I’m trying to explore the emotions experienced during heartbreak.

    @gmoney, lol @ crippled. It’s a possible outcome tho.

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