A Diamond Covered In Soot

The world is no longer a safe place, there was a time when everything was black and white, a nice bold line was drawn between good and bad.

But now its all shades of gray, your boyfriend could be a serial killer, your best friend could have Ebola and your neighbor could be a terrorist.

I considered Mr Aregbesola to be a terrorist, stalker and obnoxious ridiculous addition to the society, I might sound harsh but he had been knocking on my door for the past 20 minutes, he moved over to the window after there was no response from the door.

I’m absolutely sure its him because only him can be that annoying, I know he won’t leave until I answer him. Wrapping myself in my duvet I scamper to the window in the disheveled state of just waking up, I really didn’t care how I looked in front of Mr Aregbesola.

‘Good Afternoon Miss Lara.’ He greeted as soon as I opened the window.

‘Good day Mr Aregbesola is it noon already.’ I asked as uninterested as I could sound.

‘Yes it is sleeping beauty.’

I almost choked when he said that, he got silent for a while I was wondering why he had to disrupt my beauty sleep.

‘Mr Aregbesola what happened, did Oga landlord send you?’


‘Then why were you knocking like that.’

‘Well its noon and there has been no sign of movement in your apartment so I decided to check on you.’

Holy ghost fire should fire this man, I work from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, I decide to oversleep on Saturday and someone has a problem with it.

‘Mr Aregbesola it’s Saturday.’

‘I know, what are your plans for the day Miss Lara?

‘My plans, I will be going out with my boyfriend later in the day.’

‘Oh errm Mr Zak.’


‘What are you doing now.’

‘Mr Aregbesola, I just woke up.’

‘Can I come in?

‘No I want to clean my house.’

‘I could help with that.’

‘Ehen oya now.’ I motioned him to come inside.


About 30 mins later, Mr Aregbesola had finished cleaning my sitting room and kitchen my mouth hung open, it was spic and span and he was even making breakfast.

‘Mr Aregbesola you dey cook join.’ I said in pidgin English which I know Mr Aregbesola clearly despises, because he teaches English in a secondary school and was obsessed with idea of teaching and leading by example.

We ate together and talked all the way, Mr Aregbesola was not actually a terrorist at all times, in fact he was a good company and a great Cook.


‘Your wife is really going to be lucky o.’ I said as I relished the food.

‘You think so.’ He asked his face lighting up.

‘Yes you’re so,… so…., so……. down to earth.’ Words had eluded and it seemed it was not rightly said.

‘I see, that’s quite an idiom to use, you know it stands in for funny.’ He said, his smile fading rapidly.

‘Mr Aregbesola I didn’t mean it like that.’

‘It’s okay Miss Lara, I can understand, also that a fine lady like you wouldn’t go out with a clown.’

‘Mr Aregbesola, why are you vexing now.’ I said in an attempt to lighten the mood.

‘I could never get mad at you Miss Lara even if I wanted to.’ He said his cheerful face back.

My phone rang, it was Zak so I excused myself.

‘Mr Aregbesola, thanks for everything, I will have to prepare to go and meet Zak.’ I told him.

‘Please do stay away from Westmore Mall and South gate Plaza.’ He said as he was leaving.


‘Some inmates broke out of kakarakaka prison and they’re allegedly staying in that area, policemen have the area under siege but you know criminals have their way.’

I was very well aware that Mr Aregbesola had great interest in me but there were alot of things that didn’t just add up.

Mr Aregbesola was not lacking in the looks dept, he had the height, a nice dark colour and well proportioned body but he lacked a lot in Swag . He had absolutely no social sense, he wore stripped shirts on stripped trousers.

Zak my boyfriend on the other hand could never Fall my hand in looks and appearance.

If I had to go home with a man it had to be Zak who had an MBA and worked in a bank rather than Mr Aregbesola who had NCE and taught in a secondary school.

Dressed to kill I was about to get into my car when Mr Aregbesola called out.

‘Miss Lara please can you drop me on your way.’ He said.

‘Of course.’ And we drove off.

I met Zak at South gate plaza, he sent a text that he was there and I forgot about Mr Aregbesola’s warning until I reached the Plaza.

‘Zak why did you choose this place.’ I asked when I remembered.

‘What’s wrong with it Baby.’ He said looking through the menu, as usual Zak looked great.

‘I heard its not safe that some inmates from…….’

‘Its just a speculation relax.’ He said cutting me off.

‘You didn’t even hear me out.’ I protested mildly.

‘Just forget it and eat.’ He said dismssively.


Half way through the meal several  gunshost blasted in the air, I looked up and hideous looking masked men were in the restaurant, shouts pierced the air. Zak immediately ran to my back and crouched behind me and held my clothes to shield himself.

One of the men came towards us, pointing a gun at us and said.

‘Gimmi ya phone.’

Zak who was still ducking behind me collected my blackberry passport and gave him within the blink of an eye.

‘Issat all.’ He asked jagging the gun at me.

I don’t know what happened or why the trigger was pulled but I saw Zak running out for his dear life before I blacked out.


I woke up in the hospital, the narrow bed and antiseptic smell could attest to that. I saw My Mother and Mr Aregbesola gisting like old friends. Mr Aregbesola looked towards me and announced that I was awake. They started singing praise songs.

Later my mother told me that Mr Aregbesola had brought me to the hospital, she said Zak’s ID was found there.


I asked Mr Aregbesola how he found me, he told me that he followed me to South gate plaza.

‘I’m sorry I was stalking you but I got there late.’ He said apologetically.

‘It was my great fortune you were stalking me.’




Weeks later as I took a stroll with Mr Aregbesola, he stopped and looked at me.

‘I know I’m not up to your standards Miss Lara but I can make adjustments.’ He said and he was making efforts, I knew cause he bought forms to enroll into the university, he had started dressing better.

‘Oh Mr Aregbesola, what standards are you talking about, you’re a good man and that’s what matters the most.’

I realized how I was close to loosing a diamond because I was busy looking at shiny objects and beside me was a diamond covered in soot, all it needed was wiping.



‘Miss Lara, I really lov…. Care about you.’ He said, sincerity shone in his eyes.

‘I know, can you just call me Lara, do away with the Miss please.’

‘In that case call me kumkum.’

‘Is that your name.’

‘Yes kumkum Aikhome Eragbai Danladi  Aregbesola.’

‘Now that’s a mouthful.’


24 thoughts on “A Diamond Covered In Soot” by Amina Idris (@ameenaedrees)

  1. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    Lol! That definitely was a mouthful. I didn’t even bother to pronounce it.
    Nice message Amina, keep doing what you’re doing. It gets better. We all do.

    1. Hmmmm you try and pronounce it na @roys-journals, thanks.

  2. @ameenaedrees this is spellbounding….

    Sometimes opportunities come dressed in rags. While all that glitters is not gold.

    1. You’ve said it all @chime221,
      Thanks. :-) :-)

  3. striped shirt over striped trousers. hahahaha. Couldn’t stop laughing. What truth; all that glitters is not gold

    1. Yea all that glitters is not gold, some are aluminium.
      Thanks @folakemi. :-)

  4. Awwww. Lovely story, it really tugged at my heart. An well written, no less. Well done @ameenaedrees.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment @mcsnol.

  5. I am so much in love with this piece. Great lesson. Keep writing! And thumbs up!!

    1. I can feel the love too @chijy.
      Thanks :-)

  6. Kumkum- lover of Lara. can’t stop laughing o! I love this piece truth be told. Great lesson learnt.

    1. @shovey you like the name baa, kumkum lover boy.
      Thanks :-) :-)

  7. Amina, you are wonderful.

  8. Am glad he discovered where he was slacking and started to make amends. There is no sacrifice too much to pay for the woman you love. A man who could hand ur fone to the thief without and blinking and still hide behind you like you are the defender from Beijing. Ur boyfriend should be so ashamed of himself for being a woman with testicles and a penile organ.

    1. Honestly that her bf is not even a woman cause women are brave, he’s just a wowo man.
      Mr A is gathering swags, tnx for your thoughts @gmoney.

  9. Lol, you should have tagged this in ‘funny category’. I loved it..
    Well done.

  10. I really enjoy reading this thanks alot tho…

    1. Owww @majiri you’re welcome. :-) :-)

  11. LMAO!!!! From the name of the prison karakarakakakakakaka and then down to his name, I laughed.

    He’s a silly man.

    1. Hehehehe the way you spelt that prison ehn.
      Tnx @ufuomaotebele. :-)

  12. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Kumkum. lol,
    Well done Amina

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