Conceived Doom

Conceived Doom

Questions, question I desire answers to.
What is the question I ask?
Why? Why? Why? I ask why?
I ask myself why does reality come and grow with
extreme insecurity.
The wistful thought of my being once holy and
sacred is now divulged.
I ask myself why? Why do the drums of my unborn
thoughts insult me?
The sound of my existence seemed not to echo any
helper or friend.
I ask myself why? Why did I decde to fall?
Instead of listening to my mother who told me to
take the walk down that hall.
I ask myself why? Why did help come my way?
Yes! Help in the positive.
But in the opposite I took the wrong turn.
I turned to my friend for redemption.
Very discreetly he offered me the Devil and his
My conscience hides from the just Idea and
insinuates my fiend.
I ask myself why? Why did I believe my peers
would make derogatory remarks and be justified
making it?
I allowed the redemption of pride pervade my
conviction of the other side.
Into the darkness of buried identity I burrowed.
I thought I saw but I was blind.
Now am into the harshness of reality.
Reality that extends into the future.
I ask myself why? Why did I see the Red Sea and
plunged into it?
Yes and yes,darkness goads me.
No and no the One at the well says.
I can’t decide.
The conflict starts.
My mind is weak and decides not to think.
What gave birth to time and universe?
What gave existence to sordid clarity?
What and what? It goes on and on.
But at the end wrong wins and conquers right.
But my genesis of illusion justs begins.
In six ddays creation was given birth to.
In six years I have to give birth to myself and sow
so that I’ll reap.
Now I realised the hardway that the rifle was not my
companion,though it heard my echoes.
Why? The question continues.
Why? Pervades and pernitents my today.
My Conceived Doom, here I come.
Not to give birth to you but to give birth to your own

16 thoughts on “Conceived Doom” by Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

  1. There’s always this nagging lure towards what is conventionally frowned at…people call it ‘bad things’, but they are innate in all man, save that it takes bad company most of the times to bring it to action.
    Now the persona is on his own! Asking one million ‘whys’ won’t do any magic or undo the damage.

    Nice one again @thaprince

  2. (@Sultan): Thanks man for stopping by.
    (@Chime221): Thanks bro. Love your interpretation and your insightful insights on things. Kool bro.

  3. (@Sultan): Thanks man for stopping by.
    (@Chime221): Thanks bro. Love your interpretation and your deep insightful insights on things.

    Most times when I write I don’t take time to read what I have written untill later cos most times alot is taken out of me during the birth of the piece.

    Am kool bro with your views and interpretations.
    Kool one bro.

  4. @thaprince , I liked the expressive flow of the poem, no holds barred style. Very nice man.

  5. “Why do the drums of my unborn thoughts insult me?” I don’t know, I just fell in love with this verse. I’ve always said I love poetry verses with deep inlaid meanings, I love this one.

    PS: Check this out, “Why did I see the sea and PLUNGED into it?”
    I think the present tense ‘plunge’ should be the correct word there since “Did” precedes it.

    Well done, poet.

  6. Nice piece. Love the ending.

  7. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    This is really nice @thaprince
    Your poems are really good.

  8. (@praize): Thanks boss. Correction noted bro. Thanks for taking out time to read it.

  9. I would have liked it better if you divided it into stanzas, but I still think you did a good job.

  10. @Thaprince. Nice and dark poem, got me thinking and asking myself why we sometimes choose to do the wrong thing even when we know the right thing to do.

  11. (@mcsnol): Thanks. I wanted to but decided not to change it.
    (@danjuma): It sure does. The wierd thing is I didn’t see or know how deep it was untill now.
    Thanks for reading .

  12. This is a nice one. Keep writing!

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