gushing from
left to right
I see it in its redness.

Looking away
I stagger
and saunter into a field
in my blindfold.

Eyes now open
I see me stepping on blood;
whose blood I know not.

Looking ahead
I see a once vast arable land
clothed in crimson.
I wonder whose it was.

Walking out of my reverie
I see a tree afar off
clinging on to my fears
clenching my teeth in
pretend anger,
I walk on.

hanging on the tree is
the man accursed for his iniquity,
his bowels gushing out
and his tongue stuck out of his mouth.

I look away in pity.

Is this not dear old Judas
who hung on a tree
in his dear old field, aceldama?

3 thoughts on “Aceldama” by Maureen Alikor (@Wailingink)

  1. Your title was deep. And anyone sees it will think its a name of someone.

    You really did not do justice to the title. The title is powerful but the poem wasn’t. Thats my sincere opinion.

    I feel you could have done better with this piece.

  2. Prince, thank you all the same. Looking forward to being better.

  3. The build up was really nice…it pronounced the tragedy in the poem…
    There’s always room for improvement.
    Nice write

    Aceldama is in Jerusalem or so…I can’t confirm yet

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