What Do You Want Really?


A kiss or two maybe?

Because things have been too mainstream lately?

So you seek a twist to your skirt-hopping assignments

and deem me worthy of some emotional torment?

I’d say thanks for the ironic compliment

Of you being attracted enough to attempt making me a wanton pet

But what’s this!? Right now I’m choking on regret –

And it’s sad that with all my education…

I’ve exhibited the most atrocious form of motive illiteracy.


Ah, silly me.


It’s not kisses that you want then?

It’s a lavish home, the best cars…and a couple children?

Am I now to believe you’re through with your phase of grotesque irresponsibility?

Though you’ve gambled your whole life thus far, the habit will suddenly cease once we marry?

Tell me exactly how you value money.

Do you get that its purpose is to serve you in your service to divinity?

Or is your lust for it why you wake up each morning?

That you believe it worth your faith, health, love and family worries me greatly;

Or is your obsession with it somehow linked with your claim to want me happy?


Tsk, tsk, tsk. Have I missed it again? Really?


Then why not answer since I’m repeatedly misinterpreting!?

What on earth do you want from me?

You have already been birthed so I doubt I can be your mother.

And if I call you ‘friend’, you’ll wail and knight me a ‘zoner’.

You’ve chosen to make Christ an option so we’ll speak of love no further –

Because if you don’t learn love from Him, how on earth can you love me fella?

You’ve sworn that one shot at an ‘Us’ would change you for the better;

But if you were honest you’d know change starts with ‘U’…minus the second letter.


So I can understand your plight – emotions & attraction can be annoying.

And often we might not even realize when we get into self-deceiving.

But that I love you is not in doubt (though our definition of words may differ),

So I recommend you find WHO life should be about…then we may/may not start from there later.

If we hope to take a shot at this, and make it relevant,

Then you must be honest with yourself…or it’ll end before we spell ‘S-t-a-r-t’.




14 thoughts on “What Do You Want Really?” by Kwiksie (@kwiksie)

  1. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Haha! :-) I’m laughing. Can I just copy and paste this to my suitors???

    The thought process that girls have to go through before choosing the one! All these things that we get to worry about! I wonder if a guy should write his own version of this piece—how would it read like? What expectations and requirements would he want also?

    @kwiksie thank you for this piece. I’ll tell my husbands in the making to come read this piece before we go any further.

    I enjoyed it.

    1. @ufuomaotebele my dear feel free oh! I think it’s on my blog sef so they can check there too. :)
      Yeah, i think guys should write theirs’. Their own version, response, wareffa. Folks need to be asking beyond likes/dislikes and favorite food so they understand fully their intentions for getting into any relationship biko. Without purpose, abuse is inevitable…besides no be the butterflies wey dey enter belle go satisfy person now . ;)
      Thanks so much for contributing b…glad you could stop by.

  2. Horlhart (@Olarinoye54)

    I wonder what it’d be like writing from a man’s perspective on this same topic…
    Me like am!

    1. @olarinoye54 I’m equally curious. Please fellas should feel free to respond/ask their own questions. It’s very important to know purpose of and motive behind any/every relationship, abi no be so? ;)
      Thanks for reading!

  3. KINGwax™ (@acmesuccess007)

    *feminist alert* (*__*)

    1. Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.
      Feminism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Dear @acmesuccess007, as we can clearly see, that’s not a very good use of the word. lol. From the post (and the few comments) you’d get that my priority isn’t really establishing rights nor providing education/employment opportunities for babes. Get it. This is focused on the fact that relationships are very often abused, turned into sad wastes of time, energy and money, and often times factors for generating stress, emotional instability, frustration, and at extremes even violence and crime. Bad relationships often spiral into much more terrible personal and societal problems (single parenting, abandoned children, substance abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, etc). Now i’m not naive enough to assume that this is exclusive to women or that having a few deeper conversations will remove the possibility of these potential issues occurring (i mean every relationship is unique to the two people in it), but as far as I’m concerned, relationships are a pretty big deal. And if a person is mature enough to know the real purpose of dating and courtship (unless of course, their definition of terms is entertainment diversion, or free food or something..) then i believe they should be more interested in knowing beyond the superfluous and more sensitive to what’s actually relevant to and necessary for building LASTING relationships. So if someone is trying to make you their constant sexual tension reliever, you should know. If there are bad habits and lifestyles that will ultimately be damaging to your relationship or marriage or the well being of the children who often (should) FOLLOW the marriage, you should know. If it’s a man trying to settle down or a boy trying to have fun, find out. And if you’re claiming to be a born again Christian (regardless of all the room the world has tried to make for folks to compromise their faith and still feel good about themselves), I’m here thinking your priority would be establishing + maintaining your relationship in line with His will and scripture (not relying on feelings and emotions please). So yeah, there are alot of things you need to find out so you know if ya’ll are on the same page and to confirm clashing interests and all that. It’s more of a call for wisdom and discernment in your dealings than a feminist movement bro; ‘cus truth is it goes both ways. Just thought to clear your doubts. :) (And yes i know this comment is v.lengthy).

  4. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Excellent response @kwiksie If a woman doesnt want to become a sex toy shes automatically a feminist? I’m sure thats how alot of guys see it. We must be pliable and content with WHATEVER they feel like doing with us lest we be deemed feminist. I just tire.

    So now back to this excellent poem… I wanted to jump up and start clapping when I read this. I cant even tell you how Great I think this piece is, its so Flawless to me and thourough and thought provoking. I could never even come close to saying these things with such style and conviction. Well done my dear.

    1. I appreciate your understanding of the thought flow so much @ivie9ja and thanks plenty for your generous compliments. :)
      I’m really sorry…all this while I’d imagined I’d responded to all the comments here oh. #smh..

  5. six (@six)

    @kwiksie, bravo. This poem was tyte, the rhyme scheme was on point, and the message got to me, honest. But this Kwiksie sha must be getting suitors tho. I see ur poems. Nice one.

    1. Lol @six I wish I’d gotten to respond to this sooner.
      Suitors ko, suitors ni. :p
      I’m just pre-empting them oh…and trying to help both my brethren and sisters who no sari tell themselves true. Before you spend all your energy reading for exam, shebi them go first give you syllabus? ;) Hehehe. Thanks for reading jare.

  6. @kwiksie I think I want to take a shot at it.
    What do I stand to lose after all?
    Lol. This is so nice. A journey into thought. Of course, before one enters into that ‘bondage’ called ‘marriage’ or even relationship, he/she should sit down and ask those questions, especially this: ‘What do you really want’. It’s very essential

    1. I agree with everything you’ve said concerning the import on digging deeper – except your reference to marriage as ‘bondage’ @Chime221.
      But sha, perspectives differ. I just pray you get to view the wonderful institution through a more edifying set of lens. ;)
      Thanks so much for reading!

  7. I’m a realist…if marriage does not mean bondage to me, I wouldn’t call it that. But then I want you to unlearn that idea that because I said that marriage is a bondage it automatically robs it off that edifying shine.
    In my view, even as it’s edifying and palatable, it’s still some sort of bondage that most people would rather avoid, if not for the necessity of procreation in a societal/religious accepted way; else, most people would rather have children out of wedlock for the sake of their independence.

  8. I’m a realist…if marriage does not represent bondage to me, I wouldn’t call it that. But then I want you to unlearn that idea that because something is good, there’s no bad side to it. That is to say that in saying that marriage is a bondage it does not automatically robs it off that edifying shine.
    In my view, even as it’s edifying and palatable, it’s still some sort of bondage that most people would rather avoid, if not for the necessity of procreation in a societal/religious accepted way; else, most people would rather have children out of wedlock for the sake of their independence.

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