In reality the world is a small place dominated by man.
Who within himself can’t comprehend existence.
Man the architect of his mindset.
The inventor of profuse but destructive thoughts.
Man whose mind runs with the wildest imagination of self indignation.
Never giving thoughts to the resultant reaction.
Man in the scene of mishap gives away the slightest opportunity to fight.
He lets go of the struggle,which makes him,
More able, to become a disabled and disembattled
Seriously this might be due to the consistency of, fear or the frequent occurrence of:threats or the, profound thought of being bought off.
Indeed, man has suffered the degree of not, standing up for what he believes in but settles for what is not.
The discrepancy of man is really the complacency,
Of being out of control of his authority,
And the simplicity of executing judgement as, regards situations to what affects his life,
And also controlling the stream of corruption that, Lingers and serves as a barrier to the acquisition of good moral and ethics.
This quote, “Do not believe what you see,because what is fear? It is but an illusion”.
This makes man what he is and what he will be,
If, he doesn’t realize that his mindset can be altered for the best.
This is why man is the way he is.
But in him lays a conscience that begs to tell him, what is right.
In him stands the uprightness of being ready,
for the slightest wind of tragedy and conflict.
In him also lays fear,pain that inhibits him from,
Enunciating what he stands for.
In him Creation makes sense.
But himself does not seem sensible,he prefers to sit on the fence.

This is not a rant.This is from the depths of my thoughts. As regards the farce put up by Man.


One thought on “IN MY THOUGHTS, The Way We Are” by Onome prince Tadafe (@thaprince)

  1. If not for any other thing, I don’t like the way you punctuate this piece.

    Then, it’s all in your thought and you probably wrote it down the way they came without considering if you are breaking the rules of punctuation…
    or not

    Lol, whoever says rules are not meant to be broken! After all, that’s why they are there in the first place.

    The thing is, the whole piece is laden with generalisations and you know what they say about generalisations; they are dangerous!

    Keep writing @thaprince , I like reading your works. They open up a whole different, not really new weltanschauung entirely

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