The Smell of Joy – Part 1

A cold March wind danced around the dead of the night as I crawled into the bosom of my duvet. Still groggy from sleep, my husband held my hands as we braced ourselves for the latest news. Earlier that day, I had felt uneasy, nauseous, and some phlegm hanging on my throat without coming out when I tried severally to force it; this had made me tell Teekay I had to visit the hospital.

Teekay, my husband of 12yrs and 5yrs of courtship, couldn’t believe his ears. ‘You are going to the hospital!’ He exclaimed; because, I had never for once, in our years of marriage, complained of malaria or had I shown any symptom of it. He promised taking me there the following day.  I heaved a sigh of relief as I planted a soft kiss on his lips. Teekay has never been this kind with promises of taking me out at the expense of the job he so much adored; on a weekday. I prayed that feeling wouldn’t be ephemeral.


Numb with disbelief, I gazed at the Doctor’s questions relating to some symptoms of pregnancy. Could God be so benevolent to us now; to have answered our much-awaited heart desire; after I celebrated my fortieth birthday in grand style amid pomp and pageantry? Teekay and I listened with rapt attention as the Doctor informed us that he would run some tests on me; most especially, pregnancy test. My heart leaped for joy. Teekay and I had long dreamed of the day we would have a child to become a family of three. Now, within a matter of hours, that dream would be a reality.

Through the period of the urine test and other tests, my husband waited at the reception of the hospital, waiting to hear the result before he could go to the office or return home. The Doctor walked into the small hospital room with Teekay; he told Teekay the tests had been carried out but we would have to check back for the result, probably in a day or two.

My husband’s anxiety surpassed mine as he went to see the doctor the following day. Alas! The result was positive; I was six weeks gone. My heart leaped for joy, I couldn’t just curtail the happiness I experienced after twelve years of waiting amidst rumours of ruptured womb, stigma from barrenness, side talks whenever I approached waiting neighbours and the likes. I started nurturing the feelings of motherhood from that moment hence. I imagined the early morning sickness, baby bump and gradually protruding of my tummy, breastfeeding and weaning.

I couldn’t wait any longer as I registered for anti-natal care. Spitting and vomiting took toll on me. Nauseous feeling became the order of the day. I could vomit at neither sight nor smell of food. My best meal nauseated me; the only food I crave for would make me vomit when I eventually sight it. I couldn’t withstand any smell; I would throw up even when I perceive toothpaste. I found succour in extremely cold beverages; for instance, milo- enriched-with milk was the only food that satisfied my appetite. Perhaps, my sisters, who had passed through the pregnancy stages has prescribed different remedies to stop the vomiting all to no avail. Teekay became hostile weeks after these feelings set in. I wouldn’t allow him use deodorant or perfumes in our bedroom; he could do that probably in the car. I couldn’t withstand any smell thus it became a herculean task for me to cook before he returns from the office. He always sorted himself out in the aspect of daily meals before retiring to bed thereby leaving me to my fate. I would have got a maid but he had sternly warned me before and even after our wedding that he wouldn’t welcome any maid or any form of house help in our home.  Hmm! Would I ever thought that pregnancy could turn me to the barest minimum of uselessness.

7 thoughts on “The Smell of Joy – Part 1” by Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

  1. Roy Udeh-Ubaka (@Roy-journals)

    Aww!!! The downsides of pregnancy. Reminds me of when my mum was pregnant with my youngest brother…
    Nice piece…

  2. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    Aww this was so sweet. I want a baby now even with all the craziness. I’m going to keep watch and see how this story progresses. Good job for now.

  3. Every woman’s dream.

  4. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    @roy-journals @ufuomaotebele @ameenaedrees I’m glad you like it. Thanks for reading. I promise not to disappoint you in the other parts.

  5. rosy (@Rosey)

    beautiful piece! every wpman dream and every mother can relate to it.

  6. majiri (@majiri)

    I hope my mum didn’t go through all those process before giving birth to me….#respectTOwomen

    Nice story writer #following

  7. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    This was so accurate for me, and that was how my husband learned to cook lol nice one…

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