Tradition says a man can marry

As many women as he can care for

On the condition that he loves them equally

Haaaaaaa !

How possible is it to love four different women the same way?

When even the love a mother has for

Her children are different ?

How possible is it for me

To share my husband with another woman?

To love and live in peace with my rival?

Peace may reign amongst our children

Because they share a father

But what about we women, who share a husband?

Come to think of it in all honesty

Not all days are really bad

Some days are really good

As our children enjoy many mothers

And we can be our sisters’ keepers

But when we remember, the fact that

He had married another because the other was not good enough

Or the thought that when he was married to one of us

He was courting the other without our knowledge

Which was actually being unfaithful to the marriage vows

How are we supposed  to love each other without grudges or bias?

So maybe it is a state of mind,

A state of mind or belief that  women are expected to

Understand and accept that women can share one man

Because men are physically equipped

And women emotionally equipped

It could be true that

One woman is never enough for one man,

As variety is the spice of life

It would be interesting to turn tables

To see how a man reacts to the thought of sharing

His beloved with other men

Would he be understanding and generous too?

And consider the honest love the other men

Have for his woman as tradition advices us to?

I would love to see the look

On his face

At the thought of sharing



18 thoughts on “Polygamy” by OLUNOSEN a.k.a #SimpleEsanGirl (@ooluss)

  1. Heeeeen?! Share with another man ke? That is contrary to nature, the constitution of relationships and even the bible. Tufiakwa, I spit it away and reject it! If I were your man, I would strongly consider procuring a potent magun for the fact that such thought could come up in that your head. Hian, God forbid bad thing kia kia before that thought take root or spread reach my house. Men are encouraged by nature, the society and WOMENU to cheat or love in multiples but, mbanu, women CANNOT and are not allowed to. For instance, the child without dna would not know his papa o. Typical male reaction!

    1. @musemussang hehehehehehe my brother times done dey change ooo. What is good for the Goose is also fantastic for the Duck. Magun fire, e no dey catch anymore , china magun don dey now !

    2. ajbaby (@ajbaby)

      Ahhh wat a pity.it is appalling that you actually support male polygamy and not that of the female..u said nd I quote”Men are encouraged by nature, the society and WOMENU to cheat or love in multiples but, mbanu, women CANNOT and are not allowed to….tell me,wat is ur basis on nature encouraging polygamy? Do men av a polygamous gene?

      1. Yes they have polygamous gene, men are XY while women are XX.
        Might mean nothing but its nature, they like to and always want to cheat.
        Women who of course are the strongest sex as opposed to the common saying have the great ability to love one person alone and be content.
        It is what it is @ajbaby.

  2. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    I don’t even know what to say…

    Many women today have been tested so many times by the men they love… why share my love?? Just why? No, you’re right… there will never be peace in that home and the man is looking for am early death… too much of a good thing is bad.

  3. rosy (@Rosey)

    @OLUNOSEN: i totally agree what is good for the Goose is also fantastic for the Duck

  4. Ha! All you ladies, remember God o! Repent from that rebellious spirit and return to the meek and quiet spirit that will submit, endure and condone with love. Ha ha, Ufuoma remember the resilient spirit of the African woman and don’t copy the white actors you watch in films o. Hmmm, oyibo prison different from our prison o. On a serious note, no ‘erring’ man is worth losing your peace or God given nature for. Ignore his errors and try not to commit what I call consequential blunders (which will make life more miserable for you and the children) and work at overcoming the effect of his errors: that’s the only way you can have a good story in the end. It’s tough but possible and God gives grace for the needy. Sisters, smile na!

  5. Horlhart (@Olarinoye54)

    See me see ghen-ghen o @Musemussang
    I’ll go with @oolus on this one sha coz “what’s good for the goose can also be fantastic to the duck”

  6. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    It still baffles me why some men could have more than two women to themselves, without the society frowning at it. but when it comes to the women, reverse is the case. Hmm! Let’s just keep doing what we feel is *morally* right both as male and female. I detest polygamy; can’t share my man lailai!

  7. Roy Udeh-Ubaka (@Roy-journals)

    Lol! @musemussang I swear you are hilarious. Your comments really cracked me up. Please these nature, society and women that you say encourage men to have multiple partners, does it seem right to you? I mean like morally, and even in a Biblical sense.

    Personally, I think if a man finds it offensive when his wife has multiple partners gracing her bed, then he should understand that it’s also offensive to her for him to have multiple partners too. The society should learn to give women the right they deserve biko.

    Nice piece @ooluss

  8. @OOLUSS. All this monogamists that don’t want to share na wow oo, you should know that there are more women than men in the world if all the men in the world choose to marry one wife then there will be a lot of unmarried women out there, remember there is love in sharing, but i also think that If a man can marry four wives then why can’t a woman marry four husbands too.
    Personally I detest polygamy ( even though my religion allows me to be a polygamist ) I’m a die hard monogamist to the grave.

  9. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

    It is the westerners who brought this jealousy thingy for the African woman. They changed the default settings of our women to those of Anglosaxons who were an angry lot full of envy, upgraded their systems to Women_19.0.01 and every now and then they receive instructions to upgrade even to a more weird latest version. I remember our traditions saw the first woman even searching and wooing her next co-wife.

    Time tested ways of our people are best, yet what have we done? What have we done?

  10. emsteves (@Emsteves)

    Just passing by! Nice piece tho

  11. Though truly, variety is the spice of life, I’d rather stick with one woman. I simply don’t have the strength to love two! Lovely poem, by the way.

  12. The thing is that women have this shock absorber that I can’t explain…lol

    Great thought @ooluss

  13. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    @vincentdepaul lol! Its a Lie women have been Jealous since bible days no westerner caused that one, as has already been said if a man wants to die young he should carry plenty wives, western influence or not polygamy is not known for its peaceful attributes. My grandmothers knew nothing about westerners, they spoke no english and didnt have access to media yet they FOUGHT battles my dad has told me many a tale lol…

    If you are truly in love with your husband you can never enjoy a polygamous marriage in my opinion. @ooluss my dear I will soon start claiming you as my literary soul mate lol well done

    1. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

      @Ivie9ja and whose idea is the concept of the Bible? Remember the Bible is a myth (Jewish Myth) explaining the existence and lives of Jews. If our African stories were documented we could be talking of an African God not a Jewish God who was jumped on by the Europeans and glorified in the world arena and ‘his son’ exalted such that everybody must worship him. The Bible is a white man’s project, needless to say the religion is a conspiracy.

      I know this argument can go on forever and ever, but the mistake many people do is they don’t question the details of God they are given once they are born, they just believe blindly because the bible says not to add/remove anything…

      Our God, the God of Africa, had better ways, better dictates, but the white man forced his god to us thus we ended up having a default setting of what life should be enshrined in the Bible, the book you just quoted to show that women are jealous. I maintain that it is a white man’s doing.

  14. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    Human beings are all jealous even if in the olden days women used to bring gift for the new wives I am certain that they were not happy about it. Would u like to share your wife? What if u were forced to due to social tenants would that make u less jealous because it’s expected that u accept it? No, probably not. Monogamy might be a western thing but my dear jealousy is innate and international… @vincentdepaul

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