The beauty of time
So powerful the sun reverence you
So beautiful you adore yourself with stars
You who was there before creation

Though skeptical about the night
But remember the splendor of stars
Is only perceive at night
Ask the owl, bat and the firefly
Secret lovers know better
Oh night!
The confident of vices
The protector of conspirators
The keeper of secret
The pathway of spirits

5 thoughts on “Night” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. @OBIINK. Sweet poem, makes me wonder whether you are a wizard. The part that touches me the most is when you said “secret lovers know better”.

  2. Short n to the point. Sweet poem @obiink

  3. Night is the best part of the day! It’s a cover, a make-up, an escape, a resting time, etc. It’s many things to many people. I just like the shortness and directness…
    @obiink well done

  4. thanks for reading guys

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