Mixed Feelings

Mixed Feelings


In no time I had a worry

And one knew not sorry

The lines of my heart keeping aching

My every day tide gradually breaking

My day left me restless

My nights made me sleepless

What kept me going,

Was the times that kept coming


My heart is undecided

My feelings so divided

Between two whom I love so much

I feel sad of such


Both in a symbolic unison

Both holding a great chasm

One has to be chosen

While the other forgotten


Help I know will come, to end my mixed feelings.



3 thoughts on “Mixed Feelings” by Amazing Dreams (@Pierre@7154)

  1. @PIERRE@7154. This is good, I’ve always wanted to write a poem that rhymes but I just can’t do it. Well written.

  2. Raw, straight, nice. Good one @pierre7154

  3. The end rhyming, eehm…. does not go down my throat smoothly…save for that and some places where some articles (9th part of speech) were omitted, it was a good read.
    Being torn between two important options. We always find ourselves in such situation.

    Well done @pierre7154

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