I love books.

I love books
I love books. I seem not to understand why some people loathe them. While some people see them as just collation of papers with letters embedded in them, I see them as worthy friends with potentials to change the reader from the inside-out through thoughts reconstruction and purpose consciousness. Books wield too much power than any combination of weaponry! Sometimes, my imagination just flips to calling them my adopted kids but unlike little ones that suck and learn from a mother, they teach me things deeper and walk me the higher ladders of life while guiding me into positions. Books are full of wit and wisdom, very much strength can be drawn from them, the more I read them, the more the light is paved across the road for me and the more I study them, the more I found my feet incredibly so high across the tents of the earth.

Even the smells of books are overwhelming, the scents they give me spur the desire to breathe them in as oxygen like my life depends on them, and to be fair enough, they really do. Newly printed manuscripts, piled to a cover with creative design looks more like top models with fine body soaked in adorable body spray to steal our eyes away from their faults (truth they proclaim: do not judge a book by its cover), the smell as they hover across shelves of library and book stores though depreciates but still carries the originality of their carbonic scent to pick one or more and take with me. It seems it is a deliberate act by the publishers to knowingly capture attention not just with the design alone which attracts sense of sight but almost or all the sensory elements of the body. I love to have them beside me as I am through reading for the day so as to have them reveal more as I lose consciousness in my sleep.

As much as I desire the warmth-lovely-feeling of books and having them close beside me, I cannot but admire some wittingly crafty authors, gifted beyond and beneath to skillfully plot or lure us into every detail of their imaginations. I love more of those who take their time to put to papers, the thousand minds of the readers into their spaceships of creative genius- to take them into another planet overlooked as they interestingly are moved beyond words. I believe the best authors are the ones that can constructively lure us into the unknown galaxies and help us make a home within their fashioned imagination. There is more to books than just the words, artful diagrams and codified alphabets or letters, a good author knows for sure that the book must just pass beyond the sensory organs, it must find abode in the mind where it does the needful necessary: strike the reader, provoke a tissue of thoughts and birth a desire to create. As much as I love the beauty of books, the fine scent, the colorful suited covers, and arrangements of calligraphy, I am so much in love with those odd intelligent authors who are more inclined to the after-effects on their readers. A book that would not provoke a change is not worthy of my bed, my caress and my shelf. I love books but I love eccentric authors the more.

22 thoughts on “I love books.” by lawore olufemi (@laworemike)

  1. Aluka Igbokwe (@Alusdagreat)


    1. thanks for your comment…i hope you love books too…i wrote it to promote reading.

  2. I love books too :-) :-)

    1. @Amina idris…books are assets and the authors are prophets…glad u love books too

  3. @LAWOREMIKE. This is a nice piece full of emotions that are not wasted on girls/boys, money or some other useless worldly desires but on that which I love most BOOKS. I’m always happy when I come across book lovers like me. Well done.

    1. @Mamman Saba Mustapha…a good comment..like i said i hope the message of books should be spread and authors celebrated like musicians.

  4. Roy Udeh-Ubaka (@Roy-journals)

    This is really nice… This makes me feel the need to defend my love for books… I love books too…

    1. lol…thanks for the comment.

  5. @Amina idris…books are assets and the authors are prophets…glad u love books too.

    spread the gospel of reading and celebrating authors

  6. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    I soon realized I was losing a lot of money because I can’t stop buying books/novels but when.I think about it now, I’m gaining much.more than I’m losing.

    Books to me has changed my life for the better.

    1. @Ufuoma otebele…i am sure you will agree that books are treasures worth buying more…I have proposed in my heart that my library must have about 10,000books…well for me it runs in the family…i have seen my grandpa’s study and my dad’s too.

      but more important is the use of the power books give us…
      reading has made you ufuoma a better writer and a good thinker…thanks for the comment.

  7. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

    ah… It’s pleasant, reading stuff like this. More ink bro.

    1. @anak…i am glad you love books too..keep reading and shaping the world for better with it

  8. Shonde Ismail Adeshina (SIA) (@Easylife32)

    book has done more goods that it had forgotten about harm. nice piece sir

    1. @SIA…books are our weapons..they refine the heart and empower the mind…

  9. majiri (@majiri)

    Woww am marvelled.nice piece keep it u with your good work

    1. @Majiri…thanks for the comment…it is from you guys i get the inspiration to work harder

  10. Toby Moses (@Sirtoby)

    Wao!Books has ever been my drugs,
    More powerful than combination of munitions.Love ya write.keep penning!

    1. books are our weapons…thanks for your comment

  11. thanks and i am glad u love it

  12. ivie9ja (@Ivie9ja)

    I love to read books, ebook, magazines even sign boards lol I just love it Im truly addicted and can even read the same title 3 times over

    1. @lvie9ja, Thanks for your comment. Addicted to books is not a bad thing.

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