Fallen Leaves (1)

The solider cocked his gun twice and fired straight at them. Their screams rang out harmoniously loud. I saw their faces as they met with death. In an instant, their bodies dropped to the soil. I shouted out loud; screaming and tussling with my constricted body which was tied to an Iroko tree. But I was helpless, left to catch the remaining blinks from those now lifeless children. For a moment, I lost consciousness, then my eyes opened up to the inferno that was the sun. I looked at the soldier who had fired those bullets. His face was ridden with scars, he dared to even smile as his gun oozed out hot smoke. I hated his smile, it was mocking the very thing I had fought so hard for. Right there, laying down, I knew I had to kill him, I needed to wipe that hideous condescending smile from his war ridden face. That was the least I could do since I had failed in saving those children. I had failed to give them another day in this already bitter filled world.

“Now, do you see why you are nothing,” said the soldier with a large grin.
I wanted to tell him how he would die, tell him how slow his death would be, but all that came out of my mouth was “why?”
“Why?” he asked, his face squeezed with amusement. “You started this all this,” he said. “You brought this upon them.”

As his lips moved up and down throwing out those words, like a nature ready volcano mountain, deep vexation began rising from my heart. I stared at him invoking the hatred he would one day come to know. He seemed to see it, so he rushed over and gutted me with the butt of his rifle.
“Don’t you dare look at me with that vile face of yours,” he calmly said. I could feel hot blood from my sand-beaten face pouring down onto the ground. Some of it flowed towards my mouth, and as it did, I licked every bit of it.

His face became pale. His hands again grabbed the butt of his gun, and with much power he slammed it right into my stomach expecting me to pour out the already swallowed blood. All I spat out was thick mucus.
“This mucus,” I said motioning my head to it as it dripped on the concrete floor “That’s your death sentence.”
“You better kill me now, bastard,” I said with my anger now over-boiling to an extremity. “Kill me now, or I will kill you later in this life or in the next one.”

I could taste his fear. He stood there motionless and with a shrieking voice he asked his superior office, who had ordered the killing of those children. “Can I kill him, Sir?” he asked.
His heavy duty proportionate superior replied without a glance at me. “Yes, kill him.”
With a new order in hand, the soldier turned towards me with a new found smile. “You can’t kill me if you’re dead,” he said. “Say hello to the little devils for me.”

I was about to reply when I heard the quickening sound of speeding bullets. It felt like a bucket of burning fire had been dumped right on my face, forcing its way down through my skin, past my tendons and at last straight into my white marrows. My bones raged hot, and I saw pieces of my non-existent face fly up into the air. I heard another blast, but this time, my mind went into a remaining state. One where the only thing I could see were the faces of those children; laying there on the green grass, motionless as they reminded me once again of how much I had failed them.

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    1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

      @emsteves thanks for the read. hope you come back for the next part.

  1. Kel (@KelWriter)

    hmmm interesting… wonder where you are going with this story? Nice cover art by the way. The leaf people under the umbrella I mean

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